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    Discuss: Does Qualification certificate matter more or practical experience or knowledge.

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Does Qualification certificate matter more or practical experience or knowledge.'.
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    In many organization qualification certificate is given more importance than practical knowledge.

    But in my opinion the person should be tested on his quality of work and not quantity.

    Deeptesh Sharma

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    Yes I totally agree with you..because in many organisation individual is hired because of the degree and qualification but when it comes to work quality... they are not capable of doing they are just left with their certificates.

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    Hi Lorraine,

    I saw many times that in india each company we need to show our certificate for job.
    But in foreign country they need more practical knowledge because may students in India they just mug it up all the things in book but don't know about practical thing .

    Thats why as my point of view we need both certificate and practical knowledge for success.

    Sagar Kakde.

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    is always under construction"

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    Hi Lorraine, Sagar is right. I live in Europe and companies here give preferance to person who has experience. Education also matters. In India if you can score more than 60% of marks at Degree level then any job is certain for you.

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    Thanks guys for the reply...Because I have gone through the same thing...I had experience but its just because if certification I had to take what i got.....It hurts when u know your skills are being wasted.

    Thanks all.


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    In my view both is important in your present life and present scenario. Now a days company employers have not much time to invest in selection and they make their cutoff criteria as the qualify marks which is certified by their certificate, but the main thing is that you should have appropriate knowledge of the subject you are showing the certificate , their comes the talent.

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