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    Active GD - Google Adsense Program Benefits, Tips and Drawbacks

    Active Group Discussion - Second GD Topic

    Dear Members,

    Here is the Second Active Group Discussion topic:

    Google Adsense Program Benefits, tips and Drawbacks

    Lets discuss on the Google Adsense benefits, drawbacks, tricks, tips to increase revenue etc.
    You are welcome to discuss on additional information about Google Adsense.

    Best Answers or Responses will win Cash Credits Rs 100 + 100 points.

    Last Date:- 20th June, 2010.
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    Thats a very good topic to discuss, I think form this program we only have benefit. And its a no investment earning source.

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    Hello sir ,
    This is very good topic for discuss because this discussion indirectly helps those people who are new in Google AdSence program or who don't have their account and want to know about its benefit.

    Google AdSence program is the very useful for students because they don't have their earning source and for others its like extra income source.

    I don't think this program has any drawback because extra income is always welcome by every one.

    This discussion will also help me because I am also new in this program but knows little bit about this program.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Trick is very simple to earn more revenue you need to follow SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION)
    Try to make your Topic name as unique that attract others attention to your link lets take example of college
    ABCD college | admission process |etc

    This one looks like more attentive that user easily understand that what ever they want that is in your page.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Google Adsense is a revenue generating account. Google posts ads on your resources and depending upon the number of clicks, you get money from Google.

    Few tips to earn more revenue

    1. Write articles which will be very popular. Write resources such that more number of people will be interested to read them.
    2. Make use of tags wisely.
    3. Make sure you have a lot of keywords which are popularly searched by people.
    4. Always put html tags instead of URL in the resources.
    5. Make the content very interesting with pictures so that the reader will read your resource and spend more time on your resource increasing the chance of clicks.

    1. You get to earn money.
    2. You try to learn new things. Your knowledge increases exponentially.
    3. Your writing skills and command over English improves considerably.

    1. You get addicted to computer. You spend hours and hours on the internet.

    For more on Google Adsense, read my resource in ISC:
    Google Adsense - A new angle

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    Yes I agree with Nikhil its try that when you saw your earning you get very excited to increase it and earn more fast.

    You can addicted to this and spend more time on internet and we can more concentrate on here that how to earn more and more an gives less attention to our studies .

    That's an very big drawback of Google AdSense Program .
    But it can be handled.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Google Adsense the name it self says it display sensible ads to visitors according to the content of page.


    1.It is simple and quick method to earn money on internet. I have seen many testimonials on Google Adsense and all publishers are very happy working with Google Adsense.

    2.The way of working on internet improves.

    Tips to earn more from Google Adsense

    1.Use good keywords in your post.

    2.Improvise the ad format the color,background and size.

    3.Create backlinks of your website/blog if you want more search engine traffic.

    I haven't got paid from Google Adsense but in near future I will get my first cheque.

    Deeptesh Sharma

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    Google adsense revenue sharing program is similar to the advertisement programs in televisions and newspapers. The difference is in Google adsense the advertisements are displayed in web pages and the revenue generated from those advertisements is shared with members who contributed them.

    Benefits of Google Adsense program
    1) We can make some money through this program.
    2) We will learn new techniques like SEO for improving our posts.
    3) We can get more ideas about the possibilities (good and bad) of internet as a marketing medium.
    4) We can improve our language and writing skills.
    5) Google has more advertisements than any other company. So your pages will never display an advertisement like this 'Click here to advertise on this site'.
    6) Google ads have more CPM (Cost per thousand impression), so you can earn more.
    7) We can be proud as we are becoming a part of World's largest IT company.

    Google Adsense tips and tricks
    1) Check some sites like Google trends, Google insight etc to know about the top searched topics in Google and write articles about them (also about upcoming searches).
    2) Try to add keywords where ever possible in the article to make it search engine friendly.
    3) Do not add so may html tags except some basic tags for h2, h3 header and bold tag.
    4) Give suitable title, which is the most searched keyword related to the article you have written.
    5) Try to give back-links to your articles from popular sites like yahoo answers.
    6) If possible give a relevant image as attachment in your article and give suitable tag (keyword used in image search) to it.

    Drawbacks of Google adsense
    1) You need to write high quality contents to get Google adsense in your pages.
    2) Google is very strict in verifying and approving adsense accounts.
    3) Google tracks ip and it may cause problems when using different adsense accounts from a shared internet connection.
    4) You cannot change the country residing in Google application form once it is approved.
    5) It is difficult to get adsense accounts for those who are below the age of 18. They need to give there parents information on Google account.
    6) You need a lot of patience to watch, track, analyse and improve your earnings through Google adsense.

    But considering the other adsense companies Google is the most reliable and best adsense company in the World. If we pay a little bit attention in writing articles we can earn very good amount from Google Adsense.


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    Hello Shyam,

    Your Benefits and tricks are really good but I don't agree with your some drawbacks (1,2,5,6)

    When it comes to quality of page that can be verified by our webmaster if it he/she post some quality material(not copied) then only it gets selected then there is no concern with Google Adsense program

    For verification if Google allowed only those people who are deserving for that (i.e. as per his all conditions) if that person is not regular with his work or some other problem with that then what ?
    that's why Google is very strict for verification and its not necessary that he tooks 6 month for verification my account is verified in just 7 days don't know how check out my forum.

    If you want benefit for long time you have to be more conscious with your work that's not a drawback this apply for every work you do in your life if you want to become success in that field then you need to do hard work and definitely it takes plenty of time.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    I have put in some resources at ISC regarding this topic, so won't repeat them here as it will mean copied content.

    However, I would like to mention one very important tip to gain better AdSense earnings when putting in posts at MaharashtraSpider: you should mention the keyword 'Maharashtra' in the title of certain articles (such as tourist spots, recruitments, results news, etc) + mention Maharashtra two-three times in the text including sub-headings. Even in a Business Directory post, you can mention the name of the Institute, city, and put in the keyword Maharashtra after that.

    Search Engines will then specifically direct traffic to MaharashtraSpider!

    Please do read my ISC Resouce articles on Google AdSense Program:
    1. What is Google AdSense Revenue Program?

    2. Easy Ways to get Google AdSense Approval in India

    3. How to Optimize Resources to earn More AdSense Revenue


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    Dear Friends,

    Google adsense is 1st advertising publishing & revenue sharing program in the world. Google adsense change the online advertising criteria. For publisher account you need to register @ Google adsense & for approval you need your own website or unique content on partner / revenue sharing website. I am not agree that Google adsense have any drawbacks because its very easy to use & payments method are also good. Yes in country like India google not have "Electronic money transfer facility", but in future we have good hopes from Google adsense.

    Tricks : There are no any special tricks but Think you one page crawled by Google search & you got more than 1000 visits to only that page means you earn more than 5$ daily.

    So try only SEO & Make your post where can people stay for minimum 5 minute. for these you can write your own experiences, story, & reviews are the best.

    Note : Google adsense not allowed own clicks, You will lose your account if Google found it?

    With Best Regards,

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