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    Business Directory Postings

    Hello All.

    Regarding our Business Directory postings, I wanted a feedback in the sense that: Is it important to stress upon the name of the Business we are posting or the services the business serves.

    I thought that may be the name of the business may not be so famous and be searched for.

    But I feel the more searched and known in general public will be the services it provides.

    For Example, not all people will know a college by the name "ABCD". But people will always search for some specific courses which our ABCD college will be providing and thus will land in search results.

    XYZ company may not be known to the public, but public will search for companies manufacturing building lifts and maintainance services which our XYZ company provides.

    Can we discuss this topic so that will posting in BD, we can decide to what upon to stress in the description so that search engines will better crawl and index our postings.
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    Dear Apurva Sir,

    This is great idea the concept will help to crawl MHS at high speed and can generate healthy traffic from search engines.

    I must say this concept will work very well. So, all MHS members must have a glance a this thread.

    Deeptesh Sharma

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    Dear Apurva,

    You are right no one search for Names directly. hence we have to add good details with HTML Tags like H1,2,3,4 & B. It may help to crawl our business post faster. Take in mind use relative keywords in your details with BOLD tags. I am getting good results. Wish you all the best.

    With Best Regards,

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    In my view it is absolutely essential to stress for the service the establishment gives than the name of the establishment.

    Only certain establishments name will help the products to move in the market but not all, for instance if any sweet or eatables are famous in a particular establishment and if it have several branches, then to know the details about the branches one will search on the basis of the establishment name, but such instances are rare.

    Hence as per the general observation search will be made on the service a establishment provides not on the name of the establishment.

    R Pramod

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    What I suggest is that the name of the company should remain in the title. I think Google will index the business post if (1)in the first sentence of the description we put the main service in bold and (2) we put in kewords as tags.

    In the case of colleges, schools, hotels, restaurants,etc it is definitely important to have the name of the restaurant in the title. In the tags box, you can post the cuisine for which the restaurant is popular (e.g. you can put tags: Best Chinese Food Mumbai; Best Manchurian Cuisine Mumbai); for schools you can put in tags: CBSE School Pune; CBSE School XYZ area, Pune...and so on.


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    Dear Apurva !

    It added a mint to our article feed.
    Keep writing some more informative articles.

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    Keep Sharing....

    "Success is jounery not destination!"
    "Sail the boat of Success!"

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    We Can Stress on the specification of the Business Post.

    For example, if we are posting about School, College then we should stress on School name using H1, H2, H3 B tags. Next, we can stress on the courses, facilities which are generally search by people like, Engineering college in Dhule, CBSE school in Ahmednagar etc.

    For other topic Business Posts, we should focus on the services, facilities, popularity and common terms. Such as, Accomodations, Hotels, Nearest place, Bank ATM centers in Area etc.

    We can stress the Business name for maximum 3 times in a Resource/ Business post. These are the SEO and Search engine rules, according to which our resource rank change with competitors.

    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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