Important Update: Business Directory Posts Guidelines - Put in More Information Please

Hi, members

When contributing to the Business Directory section, please note these Guidelines:
1. Select the correct category

2. Do not make spelling errors in the title, as this becomes the URL link which is searched & if there is a spelling mistake of even 1 alphabet, it will not be caught by the search engines [this applies to all sections]

3. Do not copy-paste information, not even from the official website. Naturally, you cannot change details of room facilities in accommodation or courses of a college. However, please do put the introductory first paragraph in your own words.

4. Please give informative details with complete sentence structure and not just abrupt 2-3 lines that have no meaning at all.

5. Please do not put in an educational institute's information in such a way that it looks like admission news. We have a separate category for admissions in the Resources section for this purpose.

6. Please provide correct addresses and do try to put in a contact phone number or email (at least one if not both).

7. Please do not post spam!

Important Update: When posting schools, colleges & other types of educational institutes, please give more information. We cannot have merely contact information & year of establishment. You should mention a few of the courses offered & facilities, and, if possible, timings too. We want visitors to come again and again to our site for information, not stay away if they see incomplete information. Visitors would definitely want to know about the Institute they wish to join, not just location & phone numbers!