Fantastic Picnic Gift

Gifting isn't an easy job. Now, here is a fantastic goodie that can be used and cherished by the entire family. It's called the "Narrative" ( a tiny automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and sharable photographic memory.

On a vacation, nobody wants to miss any moment. Every memory has to be preserved. For instance, Pune picnics are enjoyed by the young and the old alike. Be it the children working their way up the tree house or adults relaxing over a club-sandwich all can be captured by this camera, hassle free.

Wearable cameras are a good way out of the growing annoyance of people holding their phones in front of their faces throughout celebrations and other important events. It is a great gift, to capture and relive magnificent moments with little or no effort capturing it. Fun times need not be missed; but lived to the fullest. Every family member can use it over and over again.