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    Sale Tax And Finance Department Of Maharashtra Government

    Provides Information about Maharashtra Income Tax plans, Tax savings, maharashtra sales tax department and Department Of Finance, Government Of Maharashtra.

    <h2>Sales Tax Department - Maharashtra State Government</h2>
    The Government of Maharashtra has decided to update and recovering sales tax, VAT, insurance, and small saving schemes earlier. Sales tax department is one of the core departments of Maharashtra state Government undertaken. Sale Tax India has been growth and hence revenue of Maharashtra state sale tax also has been increased in last five years.

    <h3>Department Of Finance, Government Of Maharashtra</h3>
    Maharashtra Government finance department always provides the updation of Accounting, Book Keeping, PAN related works, e-filing, e-tds, Sales Tax through the . One should always check his/her Maharashtra state income tax reports at District Income Tax Office. To save income tax, Maharashtra state also have LIC Policy tax saving plans through which one should invest money and get Save IncomeTax.

    <H2>Maharashtra Sales Tax department</H2>
    <H3>Tax Resturn and Fill Out State Income Tax of Maharashtra</H3>
    Now you can Fill Out Maharashtra State Income Tax using online facility given at the Official Government website of Maharashtra state.

    <b>Maharashtra State Various Departments</b>

    Maharashtra labour department
    Health department Maharashtra ministry
    Health Maharashtra
    Maharashtra revenue department
    Maharashtra forest department
    Maharashtra Department environment
    Sales department Maharashtra,
    Maharashtra tourism department,
    Maharashtra transport department
    A Sale Tax and Finance department ministry reports and
    Finance retail sales tax up with sale tax department
    Lad dept of Maharashtra revenue,
    Sales tax nashik sales tax department,
    Pune sales tax department central,
    Nagpur sales tax department,
    Mumbai sales tax department,
    pune ministry finance income
    Tax Maharashtra sales tax
    E-return mahavat gov
    Income tax Maharashtra
    Maharashtra sales tax department
    Maharashtra sales tax
    Act Maharashtra sales
    Tax rules Maharashtra sales tax tribunal

    <H3>Last Date Of Tax Fill Maharashtra State</H3>
    Normally, the last Date Of Tax Fill Maharashtra State is 31st March of every year. But some times it postpones to 31st October or 31st November depending on the Maharashtra government schedules and plans

    Every product sell or purchase there is Sales Tax i.e. VAT - VAT stands Value Added Tax which is also known as per the profession tax Maharashtra. To save your sales tax Maharashtra state have decided to appeal at District Sales Tax Department Maharashtra.

    You can also check your sales tax tribunal at your nearest Tax Office.

    Maharashtra STATE.
    Vikrikar Bhavan, Mazgaon, Mumbai-400 010
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    List of India Public holidays 2010-2011

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    e-Returns Filing Information INSTRUCTION SHEET

    Know everything about e- Enrollment and e-Returns

    A) General Instructions:-
    B) Procedure for online filing of EReturns
    Step 1. On line Registration for filing of e- return
    Step 2. Downloading the Return template ( forms)
    Step 3. Preparation of return.
    Step 4. Uploading the return
    Step 5. Generation of an Acknowledgment:
    Step 6 Submission of physical signed Copy of Acknowledgement

    Help Desk :- One can make a contact,
    a. Call on the Number given below in help desk
    :- 022 - 23735601

    e-Mail id :

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    Department of Sales Tax,, Government of Maharashtra

    e-Return for the Deallers filling 6 monthlly return
    • Half yearly return to be filed on 21st April 09 and return for any previous
    defaulting period should be e-return only. It's mandatory and a
    statutory requirement.
    • Steps involved in filling of e-return:
    A) e-Enrollment. B) Download return forms from website.
    C) Data entry & validation. D) Upload return after completion
    1. Log on to .in (Home Page)
    2. Select ‘New User Enroll Here'.
    3. Select ‘Dealer Enrollment'.
    4. Enter 11 digit TIN (Exclude ‘V' or ‘C')
    5. Enter dealer information, create password, select password recall question.
    6. Enter submit.
    7. Acknowledgement generated.
    8. Duly signed copy of Acknowledgement to be submitted to Registration Authority.
    1. Log on to
    2. Select ‘DOWNLOADS'
    3. Select ‘Form'.
    4. Select ‘Electronic Forms'.
    5. Select Form No.
    6. Select ‘Save'.
    7. Form will be saved on ‘Desktop' with .xls extension.

    1. Open file saved on desktop.
    2. Return form will be displayed.
    3. Enter 11 digits TIN.
    4. Fill in required information.
    5. At end press ‘Validate' button.
    6. Correct errors displayed & validate.
    7. Return file will be saved on ‘My Document folder' with rem.xls
    extension. e.g. Form-231.rem.xls.

    1. Log on to
    2. Login by giving 11 digits TIN.
    3. Enter Pass Word.
    4. Select ‘Submit Ereturn.
    5. Select ‘Browse'.
    6. Select ‘rem' file from ‘My Document'.
    7. Select ‘Validate and Upload'.
    8. Acknowledgement will generate.
    9. In case of error correct it followed by uploading.

    • Advantages of e-return:
    A) Can be filed from anywhere. Not required to visit bank or Department.
    B) Contains inbuilt checks, makes it error free.

    • In case of difficulty:
    a) Contact Help desks created in all Sales Tax offices or
    b) For demo visit the Website
    Help yourself and Department by filling half yearly return as e-return.

    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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    Annual Financial Statement for the year 2009-2010.

    2. As the Honorable Members are aware, I had presented an interim
    budget in the State Legislature on 17th March, 2009 when the country was
    about to go to the polls to elect a new Lok Sabha. The Government of
    India had also gone in for a vote on account and is yet to present a full
    budget before both the Houses of Parliament. I present the additional
    budget to the House, which includes new items for both Plan and Non-Plan
    expenditure, for the current financial year.
    3. A new Government has recently taken charge at the Centre under the
    leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh. The Hon. Members of this House are
    aware that Dr. Manmohan Singh himself is a successful economist of
    international repute. While the entire world was facing grave financial
    crisis during last one and half years and so the Indian economy has shown
    remarkable resilience and the enitre financial world has appreciated the
    way our economy was managed. I am confident that the present
    Democratic Front Government will receive excellent guidance and
    cooperation from the Centre in its financial management. The Government
    will endeavour to suitably resolve the economic issues of the State through
    consultation with the Center and under his cooperation.
    4.State Income.
    The State Income i.e. Net State Domestic Product at current prices, for
    the year 2007-08 was estimated at Rs. 5,04,951 crore, which was more by
    16.1 per cent than that for the year 2006-07. The per capita National
    Income for the year 2007-08 is estimated at Rs. 33,283, while the per
    capita Income of Maharashtra is Rs. 47,051.
    5.Price Index.
    The annual inflation rate based on All-India Wholesale Price Index for
    week ending 16th May, 2009 was 0.61 per cent. It was 7.48 per cent for
    March, 2008. It is clear that inflation is under control due to successful
    implementation of steps taken by Central Government and State
    6.Index of Industrial Production.
    The average All India Index of Industrial Production (Base year 1993-
    94 = 100) for the period April, 2008 to March, 2009, was 274.3, which
    showed a growth of 2.4 per cent over the corresponding period of previous
    year. While the growth in the index for manufacturing sector was 2.3 per
    cent for the same period.
    7. Annual Plan 2009-10.
    The State Annual Plan for 2009-10 has been fixed at Rs. 26,000 crore.
    This includes, Rs. 18,534 crore outlay for the State Level Schemes, Rs.
    2,500 crore outlay for District Level Schemes, Rs. 2,652 crore for Social
    Justice Department and Rs. 2,314 crore outlay for Tribal Sub plan.
    The State Government has provided from time to time required funds
    to eliminate the backlog of Rs. 14,006 crore as assessed by the Indicators
    and Backlog Committee in 1994. Since 2004, Democratic Front
    Government has provided significantly large amount to eliminate the
    backlog. In the Legislative Session of December 2008 at Nagpur, I had
    announced that the entire backlog would be removed during the year 2009-
    10. Accordingly, I feel pleasure in announcing that the entire backlog for
    the Irrigation sector has been removed. The backlog for Irrigation sector
    as assessed on 1st April, 2009 is Rs. 947.76 crore and in 2009-10 complete
    provision has been made to remove the backlog. Besides this, out of the
    remaining 8 sectors, the backlog for Roads, General Education, Water
    Supply, Soil and Water Conservation, Crop Husbandry and Energisation of
    Agricultural Pump-sets has been eliminated. Of the remaining three
    sectors, for the remaining backlog as assessed on 1st April, 2009 of Public
    Health (Rs. 807.51 crore), Technical Education (Rs. 40.49 crore) and
    Animal Husbandry (0.36 crore) necessary amount has been provided in
    the current year as per the directives of the Hon'ble Governor.
    8.1. An outlay of Rs. 8,170.71 crore has been made available for the
    Water Resources Department for 2009-10. Taking into account, the
    amount allocated to Hydel Projects, Kharlands, Flood Control, World
    Bank assisted projects, a sum of Rs. 1,607.42 crore for Vidarbha, Rs.
    1,083.38 crore for Marathwada and Rs. 3,064.21 crore for rest of
    Maharashtra including Kokan and Tapi so in total Rs. 5,755 crore has been
    made available for ongoing projects.
    9. State's Golden Jubilee Year.
    Maharashtra State is celebrating Golden Jubilee year of its formation.
    So I declare that a special package of total
    Rs. 11,915 crore is being made available, out of additional available
    resources, for development of basic infrastructure, besides the State's
    Annual Plan of Rs. 26,000 crore. As a result for 2009-10, for development
    works of various departments a huge amount of Rs. 37,915 crore is being made available.
    9.1. Development of Railways, Roads, Air Service and civic facilities are being given priority in the basic infrastructure. Also, Social Welfare
    sectors like Women and Child Welfare, Health and Education have also
    been provided with a large outlay. Social Justice and Tribal Welfare
    Deptartment have been provided with adequate outlay.
    10. Irrigation.
    For the five year period, 2004-05 to 2008-09 huge investment of about
    Rs. 22,368 crore has been made in irrigation projects. Because of this in
    last 4 years, 5,40,000 hectares land has came under irrigation and due to
    this there is perceptible increase in agricultural production in the State.
    10.1. In the year 2008-09, funds of about Rs. 6,500 crore are made
    available for irrigation projects in Water Resources Department. In the
    year 2009-10, a provision of Rs. 7,578 crore has been proposed.
    11. Backlog in Irrigation.
    The initial backlog of year 2000 in Irrigation in the State at Rs. 5,501
    crore, has been reduced to Rs. 947 crore only at the end of March 2009 due
    to necessary provisions made from time to time. In year 2009-10 I have
    provided plan outlay to completely remove the Backlog. Now There is no
    financial backlog in the Irrigation sector in the State.
    11.1. For the removal of backlog in Irrigation sector in Amravati
    Region, the State Government has planned specific program and
    implemented the same. Under this scheme administrative approval is given
    to 81 projects, costing about Rs. 2,000 crore and having irrigation potential
    to the tune of 87,000 hectares. The norms of Minor Irrigation schemes in
    saline water track (Kharpan Patta) of Amravati region are increased by 3
    times. In order to expedite the works of irrigation projects, the land
    acquisition process is simplified through direct purchase method. In the
    financial year 2008-09 expenditure in Amravati region was about Rs.
    1,852 crore which is highest in history of State and nearly double of the
    last year.
    12. Gosikhurd Project.
    I am happy to announce that Gosikhurd Project has been approved as
    National Project by the Government of India. The project will receive 90
    per cent of remaining project expenditure as Central Grant. I hope that the
    project will be completed with in next 5 years and 2.50 lakh hectares of
    land will be brought under irrigation.
    13. Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme.
    Central Assistance of Rs. 2,257 crore is received under Accelerated
    Irrigation Benefit Programme of the Central Government for 37 major /
    medium and 6 minor irrigation projects. The Central Assistance received
    under Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme is not only the highest in
    history of the State but also the highest in financial year 2008-09 compared
    to any other States. In the year 2009-10 also an assistance of Rs. 2,300
    crore is expected from Central Government under this scheme of
    Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme.
    14. Hydro Electric Project.
    Commercial power generation has been started since September, 2008
    from Ghatghar pumped storage hydro Electric Scheme. Maharashtra is
    getting benefit of power generation from Sardar sarovar Interstate Project.
    15. Availability of Additional Power.
    To bridge the gap between demand and availability of power in the
    State, State Government has taken up Power Generation Projects over last
    few years. As part of these efforts form Parali-I and Paras-I, 500 mega watt
    and from Ghatghar Hydro Electric Power Project 125 mega watt power has
    become available to the State. The work of Parali-II and Paras-II
    expansion power project is nearing completion and additional 500 mega
    watt power will be available to the State from September, 2009. For this
    the State Government has provide share capital of Rs. 463 crore. Project of
    250 mega watt of Tata Power Company at Trombey has been
    15.1. To slove the problem of power in the State and take necessary
    steps in the three fields of gerneration, distrubution and transmission, an
    outlay of Rs. 1,945 crore has been made available this year.
    16. Subsidy to Agriculture Pumps and Powerlooms.
    From May, 2000 the State Government grants subsidy in the electricity
    bills of agriculture pumps and poweloom holders. In the case of
    agriculture pump generally one third of electricity bill is paid by the farmer
    and balance two third is paid by the State Government. The Government
    has decided to continue this scheme in the current year also.
    16.1. For powerloom holders also the State Government has decided to
    continue the earlier declared scheme of electricity bill subsidy in the
    current year. A provision of Rs. 2,082 crore has been made towards these
    both electricity bill subsidy scheme.
    17.Ratnagiri Gas and Power Project Limited.
    The State Government has provided gurantee for
    Rs. 700 crore for the project and will provide share capital of Rs. 200 crore
    for L.N.G.terminal. At present the State is getting 940 mega watt of power
    from Dhabhol Project.
    18. Energy Infrastructure Development.
    MAHAVITRAN has taken up a programme of separation of rural feeder
    and development of infrastructure to reduce the load shedding in the State.
    18.1. Under the separate rural feeder scheme during
    2008-09, 583 feeder were separated in 2,659 villages and
    Rs. 207.80 crore were made available as share capital by the State
    Government for this. For 2009-10, it is proposed to 1,197 feeders in
    10,700 villages and Rs. 454.69 crore would be made available as share
    capital by the State Government.
    18.2. Under the programme of Single Phasing in the year 2008-09, Rs.
    47.70 crore were made available and the scheme was implemented in 691
    villages. For 2009-10, Rs. 126 crore have been made available and scheme
    will be implemented in 696 villeges. Due to these programmes it would
    help in reducing losses in electricity distriubution and improving the
    quality and supply of power.
    18.3. Under Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification Programme in the year
    2008-09, programme of electrification of 300 heitherto unelecrtified
    villages was taken up in Nanded, Dhule, Gondia and Solapur Districts. In
    the year 2009-10, electrification works will be taken up in approximately
    2,500 villages.
    19. Road Development.
    At present, as per State Road Development plan a target of development
    of 2,70,010 kilometer of road length was kept and out of available
    financial resources development of 2,35,595 kilometer of roads i.e.87 per
    cent of target was completed by the end of March, 2009. Similarly
    1,20,000 kilometer of development road length i.e. 55 per cent has been
    19.1. In the financial year 2008-09, for development of roads, the State
    level plan outlay of Rs. 1,785 crore was made available. For financial
    year 2009-10, the State level plan outlay of Rs. 2,451 crore is proposed.
    20.Central Road Fund Scheme.
    Maharashtra is number one in the country in the implementation of
    Central Road Fund Scheme. Till now works of Rs. 1,769 crore have been
    approved and 4,523 kilometer of road length has been improved and 421
    bridges have been completed. In current financial year under this scheme a
    plan outlay of Rs. 250 crore is proposed and out of this traget of
    improvement of 325 kilometer length of roads has been fixed.
    21. NABARD Assisted Road Development.
    A loan of Rs. 2,415 crore is received from NABARD for the
    improvement of road and out of which road length of 16,125 kilometer has
    been improved. For the year 2009-10 under this scheme for road
    development an outlay of Rs. 475 crore has been proposed from which a
    target of development of 1,500 kilometer length of roads has been kept.
    22.Bandra-Worli Sea Link Project.
    Bandra-Worli Sea Link Project is about to be completed. Four lanes of
    this bridge are planned to be opened to traffic by end of June, 2009. Till
    date an expenditure of Rs. 1,265 crore has been incurred on this project.
    23. Construction of Court Building and Residential
    Budgetary provision of Law and Judiciary Department for construction
    has been increased substantially. An outlay for construction of Court
    Building and Residential Quarters has been increased from Rs. 65 crore in
    2008-09 to Rs. 123.70 crore in the year 2009-10.
    24.Construction of Administrative Building.
    For Construction of new buildings and repair of office building for
    field offices of Revenue Department, for District Collector‘s office, Subdivisional
    offices, Tehsil Offices and Administrative buildings, in the
    financial year 2009-10, an outlay of Rs. 58 crore has been proposed.
    To strengthen the Railway infrastructure in the State, State Government
    has agreed to make available part of expenditure on 4 projects of
    Ahmednagar - Beed - Parli - Baijnath, Wardha - Yeotmal - Nanded -
    Pusad, Manmad - Malegaon - Dhule - Indore and Vadsadesaiganj-Armori-
    Gadchiroli and a plan outlay of Rs. 196 crore will be provided for these
    purpose. It is proposed to undertake work of Pune-Nashik railway route
    also on this basis.
    For the development of Airports in the State a provision of Rs. 238 crore
    is proposed.
    26.Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission.
    Under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, started by
    Central Government, till now 85 projects amounting to Rs. 12,204 crore
    have been approved for the State of Maharashtra. Out of this Rs. 2,016
    crore have been released by Central Government to State Government.
    The State of Maharashtra is in forefront in the whole Country in receiving
    funds under the scheme.
    27.Brihan Mumbai Storm Water Drainage system Project.
    Grants amounting to Rs. 1,200 crore have been sanctioned by the
    Central Goverment for Brihanmumbai Storm Water Drainage Project out
    of which Rs. 400 crore were released in 2007-08 and Rs. 100 crore were
    released in 2008-09. The work of laying, renovating and strengthening
    storm water drains in the city is in progress. On completion of this project,
    drainage system will be capable of handling rainfall upto an intensity of 50
    milimeter per hour, thereby substantially reducing extent of water logging
    in Mumbai.
    28.Housing Poilcy.
    The Government has taken a decision to construct 5 lakh tenements in
    metropolitan region to provide temporary shelter to poor and needy people
    of the city on leave and license basis. Necessary amendment in the Act has
    been carried out to facilitate for provision of sale and purchase of the
    tenements on the carpet area basis. Decision has been taken to increase the
    entitlement of tenements, of building undertaken for redevelopment from a
    minimum 225 square feet to 300 square feet free of cost.
    29. Drinking Water Supply.
    During the last financial year under Bharat Nirman Programme,
    Maharashtra Government has successfully implemented water supply
    schemes in 20,000 villages / wadies. Maharashtra being one of the most
    urbanised State in the country and the cities being the drivers of the
    economic growth, the state has decided to carry out reforms in urban water
    and sanitation sector under Swarn Jayanti Sujal and Nirmal Progeamme,
    for which a provision of Rs. 568 crore has been decided by the
    30. Sales Exhibition for Women Self Help Groups.
    To promote marketing of goods produced by Self Help Groups and to
    give economic stability to them, the Government has taken a decision to
    arrange regular sales and exhibition at Division and District level. Further
    it has also been decided to build ermanent marketing outlets in every
    District and in every Taluka for Self Help Groups. In the financial year
    2008-09, an amount of Rs. 50 lakh has been made available for this
    scheme. For this purpose an amount of Rs. 72.55 crore has been proposed
    for the financial year 2009-10.
    31.Special programme for providing basic amenities for
    construction of internal roads, gutters and other civil
    amenities in rural area.
    Since works of basic amenities in the rural areas do not get sufficient
    funding, the Government has decided to provide special funds for
    construction of internal roads, gutters and other basic amenities to Rural
    Development Department. An amount of Rs. 70 crore was budgeted in
    December, 2008 has been released. An amount of Rs. 100 crore has been
    proposed for the financial year 2009-10 for this purpose.
    32.Grant-in-Aid to the Construction of Administrative
    and Residential Buildings of Zilla Parishad's and
    Panchayat Samittis.
    The State Government has accorded administrative approval for the
    construction and re-construction of Administrative and Residential
    Buildings of 8 Zilla Parishads and 67 Panchayat Samittis. Out of these,
    9 Administrative and 29 Residential buildings have been completed and
    the rest are in progress. For this purpose, an outlay of Rs. 35 crore was
    made available in the year 2008-09. An outlay of Rs. 155.32 crore has
    been proposed for the year 2009-10.
    33.Sarpanch Honorarium.
    The responsibility of development in rural areas has been entrusted on
    the Village Panchayats. Considering this the Government has taken a
    conscious decision to increase the honorarium amount of Sarpanchas. At
    present the Sarpanch of Village Panchayat are given an honorarium based
    on the criteria of revenue of the Village Panchayats and it is in the range of
    Rs. 200, Rs. 300 and Rs. 400. Out of this 50 per cent liability was being
    shared by Government. Now Government proposes to base the
    honorarium on of criteria of population norm and its enhanced rate would
    be Rs. 400, Rs. 600 and Rs. 800. The Government would now bear 75 per
    cent of the total liability of honorarium. I am confident that it would lead
    to better motivation of the Sarpanchs for their enthusiastic participation in
    the development of rural areas of the State.
    34.Meeting Allowance.
    As of now, the elected members of the Village Panchayats are paid a
    meeting allowance of Rs. 10 per month. The Government has taken a
    decision to increase the meeting allowance to Rs. 25 per month per
    member. The total expenditure will be born by the Government. Also the
    meeting allowance of Panchayat Samitti members is proposed to be
    increased from Rs. 45 to Rs. 75 and Zilla Parishad members meeting
    allowance will be enhanced from Rs. 70 to Rs. 100. This expenditure will
    be met from the Zilla Parishad funds.
    35.Free Travel to Women Sarpanch, Women
    Representatives of Panchayat Samitti and Zilla Parishad.
    The Government had taken a conscious decision of implementing 33
    per cent reservation for women in the Panchayat Raj administration two
    decades ago. The Government has now taken a conscious decision of
    providing free travel arrangements in Maharashtra State Road Ttransport
    Corporation buses for official visits of women Sarpanchas of Village
    Panchayats and elected women representatives of Panchayat Samiti and
    Zilla Parishads. The scheme will benefit 12,000 women representatives
    and will increase their participation in the Panchayat Raj Institutions.
    36.Development of Piligrim Centers in Rural Area.
    During the year 2008-09, an expenditure of Rs. 24 crore has been
    incurred for the State level pilgrimage places. During this financial year
    the target of development of 68 pilgrimage places was fixed. A provision
    of Rs. 100 crore has been proposed for the year 2009-10 for this purpose.
    37.Development of Poharadevi Pilgrimage Place.
    Poharadevi, a well known pilgrimage place, in District Washim, is also
    recognised as Kashi of Banjara community. About 2,000 to 3,000
    devotees visit this place daily. These devotees face various
    inconveniences. In this background Government had received a proposal
    for various works for development of pilgrim centre. The Government has
    decided to make available Rs. 10 crore for these works.
    38.Development of Pilgrimage Place at Ardhapur.
    The piligrimage place of buddhist at Ardhapur Mahavihar, Bavri nagar
    in Nanded District would be developed. For this purpose, it has been
    decided to make available necessary funds for the year 2009-10 and 2010-
    For the development of Tourism in the State a provision of Rs. 167 crore
    is made available for the year 2009-10.
    39.Indira Awas Yojna.
    During 2008-09, at the end of March, 2009, 1,14,176 units have been
    completed and work of construction of 44,811 units was in progress. An
    expenditure of Rs. 480.93 crore has been incurred up to March, 2009.
    Under this scheme target for the year 2009-10 is constructions of 2,24,323
    dwelling units. An outlay of Rs. 216.62 crore has been proposed for this
    40.Debt Relief to Farmers.
    Government has declared a Rs. 6,208 crore package for 40.15 lakh
    farmers who were not covered under the Central Government Debt Waiver
    and Debt Relief Scheme and who had repaid the outstanding loan regularly
    in the past. An amount of Rs. 2,100 crore has been made available during
    2008-09 and an amount of Rs. 2,500 crore has been proposed for the year
    41. Cotton Procurement Scheme.
    Last year the State Government through NAFED of Central
    Government implemented cotton procurement scheme based on minimum
    support price, so that the cotton growers get fair price. Under this scheme
    170 lakh quintal of cotton amounting to Rs. 4,500 crore has been
    purchased. The State Government has made available Rs. 100 crore as
    Margin Money for this. A provision of Rs. 100 crore has also been
    proposed as Margin Money for the year 2009-10 for continuing the
    42.Co-operative Sugar Industries.
    To tide over the problem faced by Sugar Sector, during 2007-08
    assistance of Rs. 28 crore was provided for cane remaining uncrushed, Rs.
    45 crore subsidy on reduced recovery and increased transport cost and Rs.
    276 crore for sugar export subsidy were also provided. To encourage Cogeneration
    projects Rs. 35 crore were provided as equity capital from
    Government to 16 Co-operative Sugar Factories. For this a provision of
    Rs. 68.57 crore has been proposed during the year 2009-10.
    42.1. The Government has taken a decision to grant Rs. 1,000 per
    metric tonne subsidy for the suger exported during the period of 1st April,
    2008 to 30th September, 2008.
    43.Convergence of Agricultural Interventions in Maharashtra
    Project .
    Agriculture Development Project is to be implemented with assistance
    from International Fund for Agricultural Development in 6 districts of
    Vidharbha. Due to this project, farmers' household income will be
    increased and standard of living will improve. Duration of this project is
    for next 8 years and an investment of Rs. 637 crore is expected from all
    resources. A provision of Rs. 25 crore has been proposed for the year
    2009-10 for this purpose.
    44. Financial Assistance to Fisheries Co.operative
    Societies to built Boat.
    Financial assistance in the form of loan, share capital and special
    preference shares for construction of mechanised fishing boat is given to
    the group of fisherman sponsored by the Fisheries Co.operative Societies
    under the scheme of National Cooperative Development Board. During
    the financial year 2008-09, financial assistance of Rs. 26.97 crore has been
    sanctioned to the fishermen for construction of 132 fishing boats. During
    the current financial year 2009-10 a provision of Rs. 47.36 crore is made
    under this scheme.
    45. Jeevandai Aarogya Yojana.
    Under Jeevandai Aarogya Yojana an expenditure of Rs. 23 crore has
    been incurred in the year 2008-09 and an outlay of Rs. 45 crore has been
    proposed for this scheme in the year 2009-10.
    46. National Rural Health Mission.
    National Rural Health Mission is being implemented in the State as per
    the guidelines of Government of India. The main goal of the Mission is to
    provide accessible, affordable, effective and reliable health care to all
    citizens, especially poor and vulnerable sections of the population in the
    State. The Government of India has allocated Rs. 1,194 crore to the State
    for the year 2008-09. For the year 2009-10, an outlay of Rs. 1,255 crore
    has been proposed in the State Plan. Also provision for the State share of
    Rs. 133 crore has been provided.
    47. Free Treatment for Rabies and Snake Venom.
    At present, anti rabies vaccine and anti snake venom is provided free of
    cost to the people below the poverty line in the primary health centres and
    the Government Hospitals. Considering its need and seriousness I declare
    that now onwards these will be available free of cost to all patients through
    Government health services.
    48.Opening of New Model Schools.
    The Central Government has decided to start Model Schools from the
    year 2009-10. In first phase under this scheme 21 Talukas in 11 Districts
    having large Tribal Population have been selected in the State.
    49.Sports Complexes.
    A scheme to construct Sports Complexes at each Divisional, District
    and Taluka head quarters is being implemented by the State Government.
    Under this, grants were being given for Taluka, District and Divisional
    Sports Complex upto Rs. 25 lakh, Rs. 4 crore and Rs. 16 crore
    respectively. This limit has been increased to Rs. 1 crore for Taluka, Rs. 8
    crore for District and Rs. 24 crore for Divisional Sports Complexes. For
    this purpose a provision of Rs. 69.88 crore has been proposed in the year
    50. Appointment of Special Coaches for Excellence in
    At present there are 127 Sport Guides under the Directorate of Sports
    and Youth Services. The Government intends to appoint 153 such Guides
    on lucrative honorarium on contract basis.
    51. Professional Education Fee Reimbursement Scheme.
    Government has started a scheme of fees reimbursement from 2006-07
    for the students of socially and economically backward classes studying in
    professional courses. It is decided that this scheme will continue in the
    year 2009-10. The Government will bear financial burden of Rs.1,200
    52. Establishment of International Status Institution.
    With Public and Private partnership, the State Government is
    attempting to create the institutes like IIIT (Indian Institute of Information
    and Technology) IIM (Indian Institute of Management) of international
    repute in the State. The Government has succeeded in obtaining the in
    principal approval from the Central Government to establish IIIT at Pune
    and Aurangabad.
    53. Akhil Bharatiya Maratha Shikshan Parishad, Pune.
    Akhil Bharatiya Maratha Shikshan Parishad, Pune is working for more
    than 100 years in the field of education. An amount of Rs. 2 crore will be
    made available as a special financial assistance by the State Government to
    this society, recognising its valuable contribution in the field of education.
    54.Various Schemes for the minority students.
    In the background of the schemes of Government of India, from the
    year 2008-09, the State Government has also started the scholarship for the
    professional education for the poor students of minority community
    (Muslim, Christen, Buddha, Sikh, Parshi and Jain). An amount Rs. 32
    crore has made available for this purpose.
    55. Pre -matric scholarshop for the students belonging to
    Minority Communities.
    Hon'ble Prime Minister has declared a 15 Point Programme for the
    welfare of Minorities. Accordingly, the Government of India has
    announced the Pre-matric scholarship to the economically backward
    Minorities students of Ist to Xth standard. The scheme has been
    announced with the objective to prevent the drop out and to encourage the
    parents of the students to send their children to the school regularly. Under
    this scheme 36,800 scholarships for Minority students have been proposed
    for the year 2009-10.
    56. Post-matric scholarship.
    For the benefit of students of minorities studying from 11th to Phd.,
    post-matric scholarship scheme has been started. More than 16,000
    students in the State are the beneficiaries of this scheme.
    57. Implementation of various welfare schemes for the
    overall development of minorities in the State.
    A provision of Rs. 167.62 crore was made for the year 2008-09 to
    implement various welfare schemes for the overall development of
    minorities in the State. In the year 2009-10 an outlay of Rs. 210.31 crore
    has been proposed for the implementation of existing schemes and also
    new welfare schemes. Which includes Share capital of Rs. 75 crore for
    Maulana Azad Minorities Financial Development Corporation.
    57.1. It is proposed to construct Haj House at Aurangabad.
    58.Establishment of Chair.
    To propogate the views and ideology of National Saint Tukdoji Maharaj,
    Karmveer Bhaurao Patil and Architect of Maharashtra Yashwantrao
    Chavan, the State Government had decided to establish Chairs at
    universities at Nagpur, Kolhapur and Pune respectively. The Government
    would make available Rs. 2 crore for setting up of each Chair.
    59.Starting Cancer Hospital at Government Medical
    College Hospital, Aurangabad.
    The State has taken a decision to establish Cancer Hospitals at each
    Divisional Revenue Headquarter. Accordingly an amount of Rs. 25 crore
    is being made available this year for the construction of Cancer Hospital at
    Government Medical College and Hospital at Aurangabad. Similarly, it
    has been decided to establish Cancer Hospitals at Nagpur and Pune.
    60. Medical Education.
    A raised provision of Rs. 316 crore has been made for the year 2009-10
    for Medical Education Department.
    61. Integrated Child Development Services Scheme.
    Under Integrated Child Development Scheme the Government of India
    have decided to increase the provision for Supplementary Nutrition from
    Rs. 2 to Rs. 4 per day per beneficiary. The State Government share will be
    half of the total expenditure and the proposal to increase the rate is under
    consideration of the Government.
    61.1. Honorarium given to Anganwadi Workers, Helpers and Mini
    Anganwadi Workers has been increased by Rs. 500, Rs. 250 and Rs. 250
    respectively. An expenditure of Rs. 78 crore per annum expected due to
    62. Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana.
    State Government has taken decision to implement centrally sponsored
    Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana for unorganised Below Poverty Line
    labourers in the State. The scheme was initially implemented in 7 districts
    of Thane, Jalgaon, Yavatmal, Amravati, Nagpur, Solapur and Nanded in
    2008-09. It has been decided to implement the scheme in remaining 28
    districts of the State. This will benifit 52 lakh Below Poverty Line
    families. A provision of Rs. 15 crore has been proposed in the year 2009-
    10, while 75 per cent of the premium amount will be paid by the Central
    Government, the State Government will pay 25 per cent.
    63. National Health Insurance Scheme for Houseworker.
    There are about 20 lakh household workers in the State. Household
    workers should get benefit of National Insurance scheme. Hence it is
    proposed to implement National Health Insurance Scheme for household
    64. Employment Guarantee Scheme.
    Maharashtra Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is implemented
    through out the State. Total amount of Rs. 963.11 crore has been spent on
    Maharashtra Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme during Financial
    year 2008-09. This has been spent from State and Central Funds.
    Approximately 6.61 crore mandays of employment has been created due
    to this. A provision of Rs. 953 crore has been proposed for the year 2009-
    10 for this purpose.
    65.Celebration of Birth Anniversary of V.S. Page.
    Late Shri V.S.Page known father of the Employment Guarantee
    Scheme was a great son of the State as well as the Country. Birth
    Centenary year of this great son starts from 21st July 2009. An amount of
    Rs. 1 crore will be made available in the year 2009-10 for implementation
    of various programmes related to Late Shri. V.S.Page in the birth
    centenary year.
    66.To enhance limit of Tanda Sudhar Scheme.
    Under the Tanda Sudhar Scheme, it is proposed to enhance the
    expenditure limit from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh. 500 Tanda Vastis will be
    benefitted from this scheme. In 2009-10 an outlay of Rs. 23 crore has been
    proposed for this.
    67. Share Capital to Corporations.
    A provision of Rs. 86.33 crore will be made available as share capital
    to the various corporations under the Social Justice Department for the
    year 2009-10.
    68. Monument of Mahatma Jyotirao Phule.
    The work of monument of the Great Social reformer Mahatma Jyotirao
    Phule at Pune is in uncompleted condition. It is decided to complete
    remaining work of monument in 2009-10. For that necessary provision
    will be made in the year 2009-10.
    69.Construction of Ramrao Adik Hall at Shrirampur.
    A grant of Rs. 1 crore will be made available in the year 2009-10 for
    construction of hall in the memory of State Ex.Deputy Chief Minister,
    Ramrao Adik to Munciple Council, Shrirampur.
    70.Waiving the loan of Tribals.
    The Government has decided to waive off Khavti Loan of 9,65,265
    Tribal families, amounting to Rs. 184.41 crore. The Government has also
    decided to write off an amount Rs. 4.50 crore under the scheme of Nucleus
    Budget which will benefit another 38,397 Tribal families. As such an
    approximately amount of Rs. 200 crore of loan is proposed to be written
    off. This write off of loan will benefit tribals and they will become eligible
    to get benefits of other development schemes of Government and it will
    improve their financial status.
    71.Waiving of electricity bill of Water Supply Scheme in the
    Tribal areas.
    Regional drinking water supply scheme has been implemented in the
    villages covered under Tribal sub-plan. Due to outstanding electricity bills
    it is not possible to supply drinking water through these schemes. That is
    why it has been decided to pay outstanding electricity bills of drinking
    water supply schemes by the State Government.
    72. Development of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
    Monument in Arabian sea near Mumbai.
    The State Government has decided to build a monument of international
    standards of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at Mumbai, who is inspiration for
    whole of Maharashtra. An outlay of Rs. 50 crore has been reserved in the
    year 2009-10 for this purpose.
    73. Development of the Ahmednagar Land Fort as
    Tourism Destination.
    The land fort situated in Ahmednagar city is one of the few best land
    fort in the world. During Quit India movement in 1942 national leaders
    like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Maulana
    Abdul Kalam Azad were stayed in this fort. Pandit Nehru wrote world
    famous book ‘Discovery of India' in this fort. Considering historic
    importance of this fort as a tourist destination, a phased programme of
    providing tourist infrastructure facilities, permanent exhibition of
    Discovery of India and beautification of fort area is being implemented. A
    plan of Rs. 50.97 crore has been prepared out of which in the first stage
    works of Rs 24.45 crore will be implemented.
    74. Subsidy for Film on the life of Yashwantrao Chavan.
    The State is completing the 50th year of its formation on 1st May,
    2010. For this resion it has been decided to celebrate the Golden Jubilee
    Year and a provision of Rs. 3 crore has been proposed for making film on
    the life of late Shri Yashwantrao Chavan, the first Chief Minister of the
    State and former Deputy Prime Minister of the country. This fund will be
    made available to the Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan.
    74.1. The period from 2009 to 2011 will be celebrated as Golden
    Jubilee of Maharashtra. We are highly obliged to several fearless leaders
    who restlessly fought for Sanyukt Maharashtra. Shri Yashwantrao
    Chavan, the first Chief Minister of the Sanyukt Maharashtra laid the
    foundation of cultural, social, economical, educational and agricultural
    development of morden Maharashtra. The State has become a leading
    State in these 49 years due to several visionary policital and social leaders.
    We propose to begin the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Maharashtra with
    new schemes and projects for agriculture, industry, urban development and
    housing besides schemes for development of women, children, youth,
    minorities, tribals and backward classes.
    75.Shri Kshetra Dehu, Alandi, Mount Bhandara and
    Palkhital Kshetra Development Special Action
    On the occasion of Saint Tukaram's four hundredth birth centenary
    celebration, for the benefit of pilgrims special action programme for Rs.
    434.73 crore for different development works to be carried out at Dehu,
    Alandi, Mount Bhandara and Palkhital has been sanctioned. Under this
    scheme, building of ghat near Vitthal Temple and Gatha Temple, extention
    and improvement of Yatri Nivas, Construction of Saint Tukaram Maharaj
    Library and Museum, beautification of Temple area and erection of Saint
    Tukaram Maharaj Statue, construction of transport terminal, construction
    of golden statue in New Gatha Temple and construction of Palakhi Tal for
    the benefit of pilgrims will be completed. These works will be completed
    during the next three years. A provision of Rs. 140 crore has been
    proposed for the year 2009-10 for this purpose.
    76. Shri Gajanan Maharaj Samadhi Centenary
    Shri Gajanan Maharaj Samadhi Centenary celebration is taking place on
    12th September, 2010 at Tirthakshetra Shegaon. For the benefit of
    pilgrims who would be attending the ceremony, action plan has been
    prepared.An outlay of Rs.65 crore has been proposed for the year 2009-10.
    77.National Saint Shri Tukdoji Maharaj Birth Centenary
    The birth centenary of National Saint Shri Tukdoji Maharaj falls in
    April, 2009. For propogating the feeling of community in the ideology of
    national saint Shri Tukdoji Maharaj to various villages and for spreading
    the awareness and publicity about Government's different schemes of
    public utility and to undertake other development works a special action
    plan has been prepared. An outlay of Rs. 30 crore has been proposed for
    the year 2009-10.
    78. Measures undertaken after terrorist attack on Mumbai.
    The Government of Maharashtra has constituted a Group of Ministers
    under the Chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister for the security of the
    State. As per the decision of the Group of Ministers, Rs. 126.22 crore were
    made available to strengthen the Police Department of which Rs. 113.42
    crore have already been utilized in the last year. Besides this, the
    Government of India has also proposed to give Rs. 20 crore to strengthen
    the State Intelligence Department and Rs. 2 crore to set up a Special
    Training School. For these the proposals have been submitted to the
    Government of India and it is expected that the funds will be received
    shortly. An outlay of Rs.214 crore has been proposed for the year 2009-10.
    Naxal action plan
    While presenting vote on account in March 2009 special action plan for
    Naxlite affected area was declared, now outlay has been given to various
    departments for its implementation.
    79. Package Scheme of Incentives.
    The pending claims of all the incentives sanctioned to eligible Small
    Scale Industries in low Human Development Index districts as on 31st
    December, 2008 as well as pending claims of all incentives sanctioned to
    eligible Small Scale Industries and Medium Scale Industries and Large
    Scale Industries in other districts as on 30th September, 2008 have been
    disbursed. Industrial Promotion Subsidy sanctioned to Mega Projects as
    on 31st January, 2009 has also been disbursed. A provision of Rs. 400
    crore has been made in the year 2009-10 for this scheme.
    80. Afforestation Programme.
    Under the Afforestation Programme an outlay of
    Rs. 244 crore has been proposed in the year 2009-10 for forest, nurseries,
    development of tourist places, joint forest management, eco-tourism and
    forest tourism.
    81. Vidarbha Package.
    The Hon'ble Prime Minister and the State Government have declared
    relief packages amounting to Rs. 3,750 crore and Rs. 1,075 crore
    respectively for the farmers in six districts of Vidarbha region are being
    effectively implemented. An outlay of Rs. 50 crore has been proposed for
    the year 2009-10 for this purpose.
    82. Debt relief to Corporation.
    The action may be taken to waive the loans sanctioned to the
    Corporation under the control of Social Justice Department.
    83. Maharashtra Karnataka Border Dispute.
    To solve the long pending Maharashtra-Karnataka Border dispute, the
    State Government has filed the Special Civil Suite in the Hon'ble Supreme
    Court under Article 131(b) of the Constitution of India. In this to protect
    the State to the maximum, State Government has appointed renowned
    advocates. The State Government is committed to solve the Maharashtra-
    Karnataka Border dispute.
    84.Additional Budget Estimate 2009-10.
    At the time of presentation of interim budget, since final discussion had
    not taken place with Planing Commission about Annual Plan 2009-10, as
    per the decision taken by cabinet, for this financial year size of State Plan
    was fixed at Rs. 26,000 crore. At that time I had brought to the notice of
    house that an outlay of Rs. 10,606.74 crore was budgeted and and a lump
    sum provision of Rs. 15,393.26 crore was budgeted under Planing
    84.1. Out of this lump sum provision, new items of expenditure have
    been budgeted within the limits of outlay provided to the departments by
    way of token demand and total expenditure shall be budgeted by way of
    supplementary demands under respective departments. Also rest of the
    expenditure on standing charges under plan schemes (for 8 months) is
    being brought to the notice of legislature by way of supplementary
    84.2. As the financial burden for these plan supplementary demands
    has already been budgeted by way of lump sum provision in the interim
    budget, there would not be any additional financial burden on the budget.
    Now I turn to Part-II of the Budget.
    1. Budgetary Position.
    While presenting the Interim Budget in March 2009, a surplus of Rs. 252.17
    crore was anticipated. While presenting the interim budget I had projected the
    expected plan outlay to be at Rs. 26 thousand crore. Now while presenting this
    Additional Budget, the plan outlay has been increased by 11,915 crore. Thus the
    plan outlay for the year 2009-10 is at Rs. 37,915 crore. A provision of Rs. 11,915
    crore for plan expenditure and Rs. 10.83 crore for non-plan expenditure totaling to
    Rs. 11,925.83 crore has been made in the additional budget.
    On receipt side, I have taken into account an additional receipt of Rs.10,650
    crore through various sources like grant-in-aid from Centre, Non-tax revenue and
    Additional Open Market Borrowings. Taking into account the revenue and
    expenditure in the additional budget, the surplus of Rs.252.17 crore in Interim
    budget of March, 2009 will get converted into budgetary deficit of Rs.1,023.66
    crore. Out of which, an amount of Rs.910 crore will be raised by Additional
    Resources Mobilisation. The revenue deficit for the year 2009-10 would be
    Rs.7123.38 crore.
    2. Review of Sales Tax Revenue Receipts.
    The Value Added Taxation System is operational in Maharashtra from 1st April
    2005 and is about to stabilize. Last year was a year of global economic recession.
    Inspite of this, the Gross Sales Tax Revenue receipts of the State for the previous
    year were Rs.33,954 crore which are 9.28 per cent higher as compared to the year
    2007-08. In the same period reduction in tax rate on petrol and diesel and fall in
    the crude prices in the international market led to an approximate loss of Rs.586
    crores in the state revenue. In this backdrop, the target for sales tax receipts was
    achieved is a matter of satisfaction.
    3. Implementation of Goods and Services Tax.
    Hon'ble Finance Minister of India in his budget speech for last year reiterated
    the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) throughout the Country
    from 1st April 2010. This will indeed be a landmark reform in the Country's
    indirect taxation system. With the implementation of Goods and Services Tax,
    many of the existing taxes will be subsumed under it and a uniform system of
    taxation will come into effect. This will streamline the tax system and spur the
    economic growth of the country. The Empowered Committee of State Finance
    Ministers is actively deliberating on this system of taxation. When the Value
    Added Tax System in Maharashtra, was introduced after taking into confidence
    various trades, trade organizations and the tax practitioners. Similarly, all
    concerned will be taken into confidence while introducing Goods and Services
    4. Computerization of Sales Tax Department - State leads in
    Computerization of sales tax department is fast progressing. Online facilities for
    providing ‘C' forms like declarations for interstate purchases, have been made
    available. The Department will soon make available to the dealers services like epayment
    and e-registration. The Sales Tax department has started accepting the
    system of filing of returns of dealer electronically on internet in the last year in
    stages. This has received tremendous response and till May 2009, 4 lakh 27
    thousand 798 dealers filed their returns on internet. I am glad to inform the
    Hon'ble members that Maharashtra is the first State to get tax returns in large
    numbers electronically from all dealers. The dealers, the trade associations and
    tax practitioners have greatly contributed to this and deserve to be congratulated.
    In the backdrop of their valuable cooperation, I hereby declare that the dealers
    who having enrolled themselves for e-services on the department's web-site, file
    all their returns for all the periods from 1st April 2005 to 30th June 2009 on or
    before 31st July 2009 electronically, shall not be liable for penalty for delay in
    filing of returns. However, this will not be applicable to cases where penalty has
    been already paid.
    5. Simplified Refund Scheme for early refund.Number of dealers
    applying for refund has increased under Value Added Tax. Due to the very nature
    of its provisions, in present system of refund the dealers face delay in getting their
    refunds. A “simplified refund scheme" like voluntary refund scheme is proposed
    for dealers having refund claim below Rs.5 lakh. This will benefit dealers with
    small refund claims and they will get refund quickly.
    6. Profession Tax Amnesty Scheme for Transport Permit
    There is considerable amount of recovery outstanding under Profession Tax
    from holders of Motor Vehicle Transport permits. As a last opportunity to enable
    these permit holders to make good the tax arrears, an Amnesty Scheme is
    proposed which will be in operation from 1st July 2009 to 31st December 2009.
    Government Resolution declaring the scope of the scheme will be issued shortly.
    7. Concess-ions Profession Tax Act.
    Profession Tax Act compulsorily provides for a tax on salary and wage earners
    whose monthly income is above Rs. 2,500 per month. This limit is very low and
    Hon'ble Members of the House have also time and again asked for enhancing this
    limit. Having considered the demand made by the Hon'ble Members in all its
    aspects, I hereby announce that persons with monthly salary or wages below Rs.
    5,000 per month shall not be liable to pay Profession Tax. The present slabs for
    purpose of Profession Tax with monthly income aboveRs. 5,000 shall continue
    without change.
    As per provisions of the Profession tax Act, self employed persons are required
    to compulsorily get themselves enrolled. If a person liable to be enrolled fails to
    get himself enrolled, he has to pay tax, interest and penalty for the entire period of
    being un-enrolled. I therefore propose to amend the rules for enrolment under
    profession Tax Act providing for tax and interest only upto 5 years prior to the
    year of enrolment. He will not be required to pay taxes for the period prior to 5
    years from the year of enrolment. This concession will be applicable upto
    31.3.2010 only.
    The recovery of Profession tax from enrollment holders covered by Shop and
    Establishment Act shall be made by local bodies or Labour Department. This
    ‘single window system' will definitely benefit the tax payers.
    8. Reduction in penalty for non filling or late filing returns.
    The Value Added Tax Act provides for a penalty of
    Rs. 10,000 for each delay in filing or for non filing of returns. A large number of
    representations have been received from taxpayers to reduce this quantum as the
    same is high in case of small dealers. I have dwelt over the matter and decided to
    reduce the quantum of penalty from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 5,000. This penalty will,
    however, be mandatory and officers will have no discretion in levying the same.
    This penalty will also be non-appeallable.
    9. Revised returns and Intimation letter.
    The present provisions for filing revised returns under Value Added Tax Act
    need to be streamlined. Accordingly, changes are proposed in the provisions for
    filing revised returns under the Act. Similarly, a provision for intimation to the
    dealer informing the result of Business Audit is being made.
    10. Amendments to Value Added Tax Act.
    Under Value Added Tax system, the dealers are expected to file correct and
    complete returns and pay taxes accordingly. A penalty upto 100 per cent of
    evaded tax can be imposed on tax evader. However, if the dealer pays the
    additional tax found to be due as per Business Audit by the Department and as per
    intimation sent for the same, then in such cases instead of penalty of 100 per cent.
    I propose to impose an additional interest of 25 per cent of the additional tax found
    11. Leave and Licence Agreements- Additiional posts of
    Competent Officers.
    Leave and Licence system provides for augmentation of housing stock in urban
    areas. However, delays in enforcement of legal provision lead to landlords
    keeping their houses vacant. It is proposed to set up more offices of Competent
    Authorities under Act, to ensure faster completion of proceedings. This will be a
    step towards resolving the problem of housing shortage in urban areas.
    12. Review of all Acts and procedures thereunder- Appointing a
    The Trade and Industry has to comply with various laws and procedural rules of
    the Government. It is necessary that laws and procedures for their implementation
    are not impediments to Trade especially in light of the changing economic
    situation and technical changes. It is, therefore, proposed to take a review of all
    the enactments relating to Trade and Industry and procedures for their
    implementation in the State of Maharashtra. For this a Committee of Experts shall
    be established. This Committee shall submit its report in six months.
    13. Tax proposals
    Honourable Speaker Sir, I now present my tax proposals before the house.
    14. Reduction in Tax rate on goods used in Space Technology.
    India has taken great strides in Space and Satelite Technology and has achieved
    remarkable success. I have decided to reduce the tax on pressure vessels, reactors
    and chemical storage tanks used in satellite launch system from 12.5% to 4%.
    Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and similar organisations will be
    benefited by this tax reduction.
    15. Reduction in tax rate - Cotton Ginning and Pressing Machines.
    Cotton ginning is a major industry in Vidarbha and Marathwada regions of the
    State. Tax rate on Ginning and pressing machinery for cotton ginning is 12.5 per
    cent. I have decided to reduce the rate of tax on Cotton Ginning and pressing
    machinery from 12.5 per cent to 4 per cent, to give a fillip to this industry in
    Vidarbha and Marathwada.
    16. Reduction in Tax - Composting Machine.
    Composting machine is used for making compost from organic solid waste. At
    present this machinery attracts rate of tax of 12.5 per cent. As a measure for
    conservation of environment, I hereby reduce the rate of tax on composting
    machine from 12.5 per cent to 4 per cent.
    17. Concession to Solar Energy Equipments.
    The use of solar energy helps in saving of electricity. In order to promote the
    use of solar energy devices a sales tax concession on these items are proposed.
    Accordingly, Solar Panels, Solar Cookers, Solar Heaters, Solar Pump sets, Solar
    generating sets, etc. using solar energy are proposed to be exempted from tax.
    18. Reduction in rate of tax on CFL.
    Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) are energy saving lamps. To promote the
    use of CFL, I hereby reduce the rate of tax on same from 12.5 per cent to 4 per
    19. Reduction in Tax rate - Medical Devices.
    Specified medical devices are taxable at 4 per cent in the State. I hereby reduce
    the rate of tax on scalp veins, stethoscopes, dialysis instruments, etc. from 12.5
    per cent to 4 per cent, this will benefit the medical profession and local industrial
    20. Relief to Hotel dealers.
    Under Value Added Tax Act, the rate of tax under composition scheme for
    Hotel and restaurants of three Stars and below is 8 per cent. Representations have
    been received from time to time from Hotel Industry regarding this rate of tax
    being high. I have dwelt on their representations and have decided to reduce the
    rate of tax under composition scheme for Hotels and Restaurants having gradation
    of three Star or below from 8 per cent to 5 per cent.
    21. Reduction of Tax rate of LPG Gas Stove.
    I have decided to reduce the rate of tax on domestic LPG stoves from 12.5 per
    cent to 4 per cent. This will be a relief to numerous housewives and also reduce
    damage and environment..
    22. Reduction of Tax rate - Plastic Mats.
    Some part of Maharashtra plastic mats industry is prevalent on a large scale
    plastic waste in the manufacture of these mats. This helps in conservation of
    environment and also reduces pollution. To promote this industry, I propose to
    reduce the rate of tax on plastic mats from 12.5 per cent to
    4 per cent.
    23. Concession to Cottage Industry - Agarbatti.
    Agarbatti manufacturing is one of the major cottage industries. It gives
    employment to a large number of people. It has to compete with goods from other
    States. In order to encourage this industry, I propose to reduce the rate of tax on
    incense sticks commonly known as agarbatti, dhoopkadi or dhoopbatti from 4 per
    cent to zero, making it tax free.
    24. Exemption to Shikakai and Ritha.
    Shikakai and Ritha are commonly used items in rural Maharashtra, the present
    rate of tax on this is 12.5 per cent which is high. I therefore propose to reduce the
    same to 4 per cent
    25. Reduction in Tax rate - Imitation Jewellery.
    Imitation jewellery, beads made of glass plastic or metal other than precious
    metals are commonly used for making ornaments. These are taxable at 4 per cent.
    ornaments of gold, silver and diamond are taxable at 1 per cent. This disparity is
    not proper. I propose to remove this disparity by reducing the rate of tax on
    imitation jewellery, beads of glass, plastic or of any metals other than precious
    metals from4 per cent to 1 per cent. I am sure that youth from the fairer sex will
    appreciate this gesture.
    26. Extension of Time Limit to Tax concession on Timber.
    For the period from 1st April 2008 to 31st March 2009 a concessional rate of
    salestax was applicable to timber.I propose to extend this concession upto
    27. Resource mobilisation proposals.
    Hon'ble Members will agree that the various schemes proposed and the
    budgetary provisions made for them in Part-I of this Budget Speech as well as
    above tax reductions result in loss of revenue to the State. This needs to be
    compensated to some extent. For this, I propose enhancement in tax rate of some
    28. Electronic Goods.
    The rate of tax on Mobile phones, cordless phones, video phones, video and
    digital cameras etc. is presently4 per cent. In many other States the tax rate on
    these items is 12.5 per cent . Therefore I propose to increase the rate of tax on
    these items to 12.5 per cent.
    29. Gypsum Board.
    Gypsum Board is mainly used in decorative and high end construction. Due to
    some Court pronouncement, the rate of tax on this is now 4 per cent which is not
    intended. Therefore I propose to increase the rate of tax on Gypsum Board from 4
    per cent to 12.5 per cent.
    30. Tax on Liquor.
    Indian made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), country liquor and imported liquor are
    taxable at the rate of 20 per cent. The rate of Sales tax is much more than 20 per
    cent in many other States. It is propose to increase the tax rate on these items from
    20 per cent to 25 per cent.
    31. Tax onTobacco and Cigarettes.
    Tobacco, manufactured tobacco, tobacco products and cigarettes are harmful to
    health. Central Government and State Government have implemented stringent
    measures from time to time to reduce its consumption. The increase in tax rate on
    these items may to some extent help to check the consumption. I, therefore,
    propose to increase the rate of tax on these products from present 12.5 per cent to
    20 per cent. Un-manufactured tobacco and beedis covered will however continue
    to remain tax free.
    32. Restructuring of the Stamp Duty on Various Agreements.
    Amendments in the Bombay Stamp Act, 1958 are proposed for Re-structuring
    of the Stamp Duty on various instruments like Contract for advertisement, Rights
    of telecasting film, Copy rights, etc. I propose to double the rate of stamp duty on
    the agreements above the present maximum limit. The maximum Stamp duty
    levied on Amalgamation deeds of companies is Rs.25 crore. I propose to do away
    with this maximum limit of the Stamp duty on such instruments. There will be no
    financial burden on the common man. The additional revenue will be received
    from the individuals and institutions executing agreements of large sums.
    33. Change in Levy of Excise.
    In the year 2006 levy of Excise on Country Liquor and Foreign liquor had
    undergone changes I suggest further changes as under-
    (a) Currently Excise duty on Indian made Foreign liquor and Country Liquor are
    Rs. 160 & Rs. 60 per proof litre respectively. The new rate per proof litre would
    now be Rs. 180 and Rs. 65 per proof litre respectively.
    (b) Currently the M.R.P. is fixed on retail Sale of Country Liquor and Foreign
    liquor at cut of point of production cost of Rs. 92 bulk litre which would be raised
    to Rs. 100 per proof litre.
    34. To Change the Factor of Excise and Maximum Retail Price.
    Currently on Country and Foreign Liquor Excise duty is levied as two times of
    manufacturer's production cost which is proposed to be raised at 2.25 times of
    manufacturer's production cost.
    Therefore, now the formula for Maximum Retail Price would be Manufacturer's
    Production cost multiplied by 4.50 instead of production cost multiplied by 4.
    35. Bombay Motor Vehicles Tax Act, 1958 (Tax calculated on
    the basis of cost of vehicle).
    The motor vehicles tax on private four wheelers is calculated at 7 per cent of
    the cost by Third Schedule Part I of the Bombay Motor Vehicles Tax Act, 1958
    and twice the existing rate on vehicles owned by the company or imported in
    Hence, it is proposed to levy 7 per cent tax on vehicles costing upto Rs. 10 lakhs
    as it is, but on vehicles costing above Rs. 10 lakhs but below Rs. 20 lakhs at 8 per
    cent and above Rs. 20 lakhs at 9 per cent.
    36. The Budgetary Proposals.
    My tax proposals would result in net revenue gain of Rs. 910 crore.
    Jai Hind ! Jai Maharashtra !

    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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