Grand Finale And Winner Of Bigg Boss - Live Telecast And Online Streaming

Bigg Boss season 6 is at the climax and grand finale will be available online as well as live telecast will be shown to viewers. If you want to see live telecast or live online to see your favorite contestant winning the title of Bigg Boss and winning the prize money of Rs 50 lakhs here is the way how you can..

The mega reality show Bigg Boss season 6 hosted by Salman Khan is going to end on 12th January and after spending 98 days in Bigg Boss house without any connection to outer world, without any amenities like television, mobile phone etc, contestant are now just few steps back to win the title of Bigg Boss. However out of five finalist only one will be winner of Bigg Boss season 6.

<h2>Finalists of Bigg Boss season 6</H2>
After surprise eviction of Delnaaz Irani now there are five finlist and these five contestant will be in the race to win Bigg Boss 6 and the prize money of 50 lakhs Rs. Since only one will be winner, few days back Salman Khan offered a bag of Rs 20 lakhs for the contestant who want to quit the show but none of them accepted that offer inspite of being so tempted. Now five finalists of Bigg Boss 6 are

1. Rajev Paul - He became a hero when he said that he can sacrifice his stay for his Delnaaz and can leave the show, while she denied for the same, this had increased his chance.

2. Sana Khan - She has been lively and added glamor to the show and her fan following had increased tremendously, She is at present heartthrob of youth and has fair chance to win.

3. Imam Siddique - He has been considered as most entertainer but at times lost his cool and has created lots of trouble to his co contestants but has been liked by audience for the same. He too have fair chance.

4. Niketan Madhok - His journey in Bigg Boss was slow and steady and is the most intelligent contestant. Having an attractive personality he is popular among youth and can give a tough fight to the winner or can surprise by winning the Bigg Boss title.

5. Urvashi Dholakia - She is the winner of Bigg Boss season 6 according to all the speculations made by audience and even astrologers. Straightforward, blunt, vocal as well as populr Urvashi is strongest contestant of Bigg Boss season 6.

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<h2>Date and time of live telecast and online streaming of Bigg Boss season 6</H2>
Live telecast and live online streaming of Bigg Boss will be on 12th January 2013 from 9.00 PM. Telecast will be on Colors TV and Colors HD and online streaming will be at the website

<H2>Celebrity guest performance in Bigg Boss season 6 grand finale</H2>
In grand finale of Bigg Boss season 6 we will see some entertaining performance by Prabhudeva, Remo fernandez who will perform with Salman Khan. An exotic dance of Yana Gupta inside a cage will steal the show. Sampat Pal and Sapna Bhavnani will make audience laugh to its extreme level. Apart from that you will have full entertainment in a single day at single channel Colors TV.

<H2>Who will win Bigg Boss season 6</H2>
According to speculations by many celebrities Urvashi and Niketan is two strongest contestant. Urvashi Dholakia is outspoken and bold is liked while Niketan is cool, composed. Though Imam who has been considered as best entertainer cannot be ignored and can change the equation, Sana is legally blonde and her innocence can win hearts of millions which can turn out to be into votes.

Here the update of Bigg Boss will be available during the show-

5th position in Bigg Boss 6 is - Rajev Paul and he was evicted just one day before in most dramatic fashion.
4th position of Bigg Boss 6 is - The first one to get evicted in finals of Bigg Boss 6 was Niketan Madhok and the eviction was in style. Yana Gupta performed a very hot dance in a cage and carried Niketan Madhok with her in the cage.
3rd position of Bigg Boss 6 is - Sana Khan was in 3rd position and was 3rd to get evicted leaving Urvashi and Imam in the house.
Runner of Bigg Boss season 6 is - Imam Siddiqui
<H2>Winner of Bigg Boss season 6 is - Urvashi Dholakia</H2>