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    My Experience on MHS

    Hello friends,

    I join MHS on 2nd of May , it was suggested my brother Vilas he is also a member of MHS ,
    I thank him for giving me such a good suggestion because here I got more knowledge about every think and I try to get it all ,

    I got Master Blaster of the week award also on 9th May.

    I Thank to all the members of MHS they are very supportive he help me all time .

    Just 2 days ago I got my Google AdSense account I don't know how early they accept it but I don't get all the things in it, if you can help me then pleas reply.

    And I love to know your experience about MHS and the kinds of awards you get.
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    Hello Sagar,

    We are glad to see your excellent performance and your great work cause to get a fresh Adsense account through

    Please keep continuity in your work and be consistent member and contributor like your brother Vilas, who is being with us since the starting of Take guidelines from him about what to post, how to post and tricks which are very useful and we have experienced that all.

    Congratulations Sagar and please keep it up your great work.

    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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    Thank you Mahesh sir,
    I use to post the resources that i think very important for student because I also search for them on net or books ,etc whatever data I got I post it here but as I got maximum 15 points on it so I want to know what kind of data want so i can post it here.
    please suggest me or give me your email so I can contact you directly

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Please add me to Gtalk - mahesh2isc@
    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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    Even though I am a new member of MHS, I could see the projection of this site to be great in the future.

    I came to know about this site through one of the members of this site. I had a long chat with him one day through Gtalk. He had been guiding me about the SEO techniques and by the way he informed about this site. I really excited when I saw the articles of this sites given more than 50 Rs for their quality.

    Then I joined here and posted an article about Ajanta caves that was edited instantly with fair cash credits. So, my interest with this site increased and from then I have started my contribution with this site. That member is none but our webmaster Mr.Mahesh and he has been guiding me how to contribute with MHS daily.

    One of the benefits I have got from this site is, my Google adsense revenue sharing account added with this site.

    R.Shankar Ganesh

    R.Vannia Raja

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    Congrats and good luck with AdSense program.

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    Hallo Sagar,
    Congratulations for instantly approved Google adsense account. This is like a miracle because now Google is so strict about account approval. Now Google take more than six month for new account approval. but you did it, keep it up. We are with you.

    With Best Regards,

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    Thank you Tony John sir and Vilas Da,

    I never did this without your support and guidance ,

    and hope I'll continue it .

    SAGAR K.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Helloo sagar,
    First of all Congratulations.I know the secret of your this good performance and I'am going to opent it,the secret is your Hardwork.
    Best Of Luck! for your future in Maharashtra Spider.
    best regards,

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    Thank you so much Sunita ,

    Sagar K.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Congratulations for getting instant approval from Google Adsense.

    Best wishes to earn huge income in MHS.

    Best Regards,
    Deeptesh Sharma

    Deeptesh Sharma

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    Thank you Deeptesh,

    I wish you also get success in MHS.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Dear Sagar!
    Many congratulations!
    I see number of good things developed by you man.
    Keep up your stamina and ethics high!
    Have some look here for more INFO >>>

    Click = for online FORUM

    Keep Sharing....

    "Success is jounery not destination!"
    "Sail the boat of Success!"

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    Thank you Arving sir for your compliment.

    And yes I am trying my best to maintain this thing in me.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    New member

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    my few resource have been rejected
    i think members should know why their
    postings are refused...

    Not failure but low aim is crime

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    Dear Pramod,

    If your post get rejected then they specify the reason if you are 100% sure about your post then post in Forum section about it and request to webmaster and editors about this topic.

    If you were copy that data as it is then that one must be rejected because this kind of post create bad impression of site.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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