12 Thousand Villages of Maharashtra State are facing draught. Who is responsible?

Hello everyone,

The draught situation in various town's and villages of Maharashtra is severe and mind you the summer season is yet to arrive. If the citizens of Maharashtra state are facing such crucial crisis in the winter season then it is going to be very tough for us to face the summer season. Right now the Government of India has issued compensation to draught hit area which includes only 7,000 Villages.

What about the remaining 5,000 villages? It seems that now is the time when every citizen of Maharashtra state has to prepare themselves to face any situation further because the mere compensation is never going to be helpful from the Central Government. It is a terrifying situation where the water is being supplied once in 10 to 15 days. I think that every politician and every citizen is responsible for such a terrible situation of draught in Maharashtra State.

I want to know what other members think of this draught situation in Maharashtra state.