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    Sachin Tendulkar is not playing in T-20 World Cup.
    Do you think that without Sachin Tendulkar, Indian Team do not play very well?

    Please write below as a Response to this thread.
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    We can see team Indias perfomance from T20 performance this time. Sachin is a legend ! Whenever sachin got out in any of the matches,the possibilty of wining the match fall down by 50% , All indian will agree with me on that. What you say

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    Hello friends,
    I think this is true, because Sachine is a GOD of cricket his appearance makes the pressure on opponent and his experience about every star player and about every ground he played and hit it every time .
    That experience matters hear and yes SUSHEL is write that winning percentage becomes 50%.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    I also think that Sachin Tendulkar is the Backbone of Indian Cricket Team.

    Team India is depend on Sachin and his Well played batting. If Sachin Tendulkar outs, team india collaps.

    I am agree with Sagar and Suhel. Sachin is the God of Indian Cricket and just pronounce "Sachin Tendulkar" you will get know that who he is!

    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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    you just saw his technique and the way he handle his team and the guideline
    he gave to youngsters (like tiwari ,raydu,etc) they makes their print in IPL .
    Now if we talk about T-20 every Indian player fight with its situation they hardly played couple of matches there but Sachine had its own Bag having A bunch of Experience and Talent in it .
    If you saw some practice matches he always gives new idea to player that about the peach, about the condition ,about the opponent that how he bowled of say Important Tips for play .
    that really helps player on the field.
    Thats what I think about this topic .
    what you say ?

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Oh m sorry for that ,
    If you saw his bowling record then you can't say that if he was out on 1 or 20 He can also contribute with his bowling also.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    I don't agree that Team India is not playing well due to the absence of Sachin. It is time to realise that Team India is not playing well due to their own overall performance. Even without Sachin, batsmen like Raina and Gambhir have proved in the T20 tournament that they too can put runs on the board and give the team a decent total.

    What the main problem is that the players are just not consistent. In one game, it will be Raina shining, in another game it will be Harbhajan with his bowling spell who performs well. Has there been even one single player who has come up with a sterling performance in every game? When it matters the most, the best falter. Even Dhoni's captaincy has not been up to the mark, such as putting on the bench key players when they were needed the most.


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    Hello everyone,

    I just don't know where to begin from...the word 'Sachin Tendulkar' is just huge in them to relate passion and cricket. I can unhesitatingly claim that Sachin is the ultimate shape of Indian Cricket, a complex composition of infinite skill, humbleness and patience...He knows the true meaning of Team-spirit and being sporty. He knows what's important at what time - Himself holding the Man of the Match trophy or his team being pictured as Winners! Of course, the Indian team is incomplete without the name, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar...

    Friends, Sachin keep his critics' lips zipped by blowing his bat in the air and vanishing the ball out over the stadium within seconds. When he first stepped onto the ground at the age of about 16 years, he was too unique among his team mates...just half of their heights, hair curled and bushy and very dynamic and enthused. But unfortunately, his first blow of bat in the air couldn't achieve a single run in his account. The similar fate accompanied him in the next few matches. But, just after that, Sachin, like a learnt and experienced guy, when raised his bat, he couldn't get satisfied without the maximum...Yes that was a six and also the start of historical career of Tendulkar, a start which probably never had an end.

    When the new format of Cricket started, the 20-20s, Sachin seemed again uncomfortable, and the critics started averring that "Sachin, time to rest!" But you know the records he stood up with in the IPL - 3 for his runner up team, Mumbai Indians! That was enough for the negative minds to let their mouths shut. As I have said earlier, the Indian team will always appear incomplete without Tendulkar. One won't agree that the guy is playing with the bat and ball for 2 decades, celebrating his every birthday in the middle of a series. The obvious corollary is that the experience he has got, itself dominates the ideology of the opponent team. Many a times, it's Sachin's wicket which determines a team's victory.

    Now, why I feel that it was Sachin's absence which led to Indian team's fall in the T-20 world cup 2010: -
    1] Experience is a deciding factor: - One may say that the experience factor should be nil for Sachin as far as 20-20 is concerned. But dear friends, whatever you's the same game - "Cricket" on the same field, with the same crowd around and quite often the same rukes. So, you can't exclude the name Sachin from any sort of discussion involving Cricket.

    2] Sachin's presence means assurance among the players: - Indeed, one may find the Indian team unwrinkled in Sachin's presence, very similarly like the children would feel in presence of their mother, secured, relaxed and of course assured that everything will happen good.

    3] Sachin's strategies uncrackable: - Sachin Tendulkar is a maestro, sorry for repeating it once again in my post, but I couldn't help it. He knows when which bowler can gain a wicket. His experienced brain can calculate the highly probable field placements. He knows which ball will add runs to his team's scoreboard. He knows the technique and often remains unmistaken in applying them.

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    Now taking the views of other members, I would like to say the following: -
    1] Vandana Ma'am, I agree that 'Inconsistency of the players' is one of the many other factors responsible for India's shameful defeat at West Indies. Yuvraj contented with 20s; Gambhir, Vijay, Dhoni, Yusuf are all unable to add even above 30 for their team. Raina seems to be a one man army for Team India...But if you logically proceed to determine the cause for this inconsistency, you may find again the Sachin factor missing. As I have brought to your notice in 2nd point of my above thread that a sort of confidence, assurance and relaxation emerges in the players when they find the little master on the field!

    Now, an obvious question may arise, if you be a little farsighted, that Sachin isn't going to accompany Team India forever and even we had no Sachin in 1983 when many other great players brought India its first World Cup trophy...

    Friends, I never say that Sachin is the start of Indian cricket and Indian cricket will come to a halt when he will say Goodbye to cricket (However, it never seems possible!). I strongly believe that many more 'Sachin-like' cricketers will take birth and hopefully help India to even scale higher in this field. But, this period will ever remain memorable and also important. Sachin may end being a real player, but virtually he will always remain in the field. His influence will always inspire and encourage the players to chase victory. His style and techniques will become immortal and his will and determination will always be instanced in every Indian victory after him.

    I don't even declare that if no Sachin then no triumph, as that will be very foolish and unevidental on my part to say so. But friends, Sachin is a new phase of cricket. There may be many wonderful cricketers from India and even abroad, may be even better ones but 'they can never be Sachin'. And that's what makes all the difference...!

    2] Rightly said by Mr. Sagar that Sachin has also many a times been useful with the bowl (although he isn't an all-rounder but only a part time bowler). That adds another cause that why Sachin can be dangerous on the field. However, there are many great bowlers and though not by throwing the ball really but at least by assisting the bowlers and accordingly setting the fielders he leads his team to the victory.

    3] Mahesh Sir, you are very right in your adjectives calling Sachin as the backbone of Indian cricket. Sachin is a well established player and undoubtedly a framework for the Indian team. He makes his presence felt at every aspect of the Cricket, and that's never intentional but a resultant of his infinite interest and devotion.

    4] Mr. Suhel, I have discussed your point in a bit more detail discussing the dominance of Sachin's experience and strategies on the plans of the oponent team which drags India to the 'Victory Zone' from the worst of the situations.

    Thanking you.

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    I agree with Vandana that these players are not consistent with their performance,
    But if you saw that these players took the help of their seniors for improvement ,
    even-though Sachine Tendulkar is not playing in 1st 11 (Playing 11) his appearance on the bench also matters ,
    his strategy to handle every team helps coach and caption to played well,
    If he is on the field then its plus point for India .
    If you read the documentary on cricket written by any foreign player ,
    he specially mention about Sachine Tendulkar that his power and status in Cricket

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    As varid said "Sachin's strategies uncrackable" is not true because cricket is the game where anything can happen within a second ,
    its a game of team if your team member won't help you then no matters how beautiful field you set , to win the game you need to give your 200% in it like Sachine Tendulkar gives , On-field as well as Off-field.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Another point which comes in my mind to justify the Missing 'Sachin factor' which leads to victory of team India is that Sachin is a person with a helpful character also. He never favours any player nor he hates any one. He calls for improvement not only in himself but for each and every person he meets (of course he should be interested to learn the game...). You must have seen that in the semi finals of IPL-3, Sachin Tendulkar led his team (Mumbai Indians) to victory by assisting his team from the boundaries itself. He gave opportunities to the other players, not worrying of his Orange Cap which could have been easily captured by Jacques Kallis or Raina or some other player. This act of his was once again worth an appreciation!

    Now how does this instance relate to the topic of discussion? This example, amongst many more such ones proves that Sachin Tendulkar doesn't fight for his place in playing XI, nor he ever tries to be dominating over other players forbidding them to proceed in their game. He, with a calm and composed mind just takes Cricket as his life for which he is born for.


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    Thanks Mr. Sagar for catching me for calling Sachin's strategies as 'Uncrackable'. His technique doesn't exactly follow the adjective mentioned, but as I further add in my paragraph that he is 'often unmistaken' in his plans to capture the victory for his team. And as you further say that Sachin is the person who possibly gives 200% of his mind and soul into the game, then of course it should be possiblr for him. After all, it's those strategies only which have led him to achieve so many record in International Cricket! He remains the only player to knock a double centum in the ODIs which is still a dream for many other young players...


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    You are welcome Mr. Varid yes But the one main point in Sachine Tendulkar is that he try to give chance to the youngsters ,
    But whenever he is on the field every one can feel his passion ,
    I just remember an incident i heard from news that he comes at 4A.M and leaves stadium at 6 A.M. because he wants to do practice but in the day time because of his FAN's he can't concentrate on his practice ,
    This much of dedication for cricket, and this strategy helps him in the field to get the victory.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Dear friends,
    Its very interesting question about Sachin & Cricket. As from I understand cricket I know Sachin. I observed that whenever Sachin is not scored or played team India lost the matches. I remember the Sharjah Cup, where Sachin hit Shane Warn & he said I am not able to sleep because Sachin comes in my dream & hit sixes on my bowling.
    The motto of above discussion is only the Place Of Sachin In Indian Cricket. Hence I am agreed Sachin plays more important role in Indian cricket.
    But with respect to time Team will have to learn play without Sachin & implements the way shown by him.

    With Best Regards,

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    Experience will always save any person or any team when it is required badly under certain crunch situation or moments.

    I don't say it is only the absence of Tendulkar even other senior players like Dravid and others and further the absence of Sehwag has also dampened the spirits of the team.

    There is certain age to compete with others and in that sense Tendulkar is knowledgeable along with other some senior members he opted out of T20 and in my view it was the most wisest decision he has taken.

    The invasion of new blood in to the team is the toast for the media to hype the subject of selection of new generation of players.

    In that sense I agree with Varid, dedication, passion and respect for the game we have seen in those players like Sachin, Dravid, Kumble, Ganguly and Laxman, in my view it is lacking in recent generation of players.

    Sachin was the backbone of Indian team in both the formats for over 20 years and he has performed consistently since his debut and more responsibility has shouldered by him when the team is in bad moments and moreover his presence in the team has given other players a confidence and courage to perform well.

    We can logically compare the situation in the presence and absence of Sachin in the team, his presence itself is an morale booster for other players and overall to say in my view his absence from the team has dampened the confidence of other members.

    Though he is nearing 37 still the team needs him and we too need him to be in the team in all the formats of game as long as he represents the country.

    R Pramod

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    Hello discussion members,

    We have been given an interesting topic to discuss about. The ICC world cup T20 matches followed by the IPL contests has been the hot topic discussed all over the corners of INDIA today. In this controversial discussion, Sachin Tendulkar occupies the major part in the topic. As our topic has relation with this general topic in the current affair, we may come with some energetic points to discuss.

    Sachin Tendulkar:

    Before entering into the topic, we shall discuss something about the hero of the topic Sachin Tendulkar. He has been plying cricket from his 15 years professionally and his age now is 36. Hence, he has totally 21 years which is the age of most of the players in the squad of the T20 2010 world cup Indian team. We all know, experience can tackle any kind of situation and can do any miracle in the tough situations like the Indian team faced and failed to succeed in that (conceding Sri lanka within 143 runs). Since, Sachin Tendulkar is a good bowler who has done miracles in his bowling (taking a wicket in a test match against West Indies when the last wicket was playing to get just one more run to win) in his career. But bowling is not the main face of Sachin, is the known fact.

    Sachin Tendulkar is one of the living symbols of India known all around the world. If you go abroad and tell that you are an Indian, most probably the first question will be "Sachin Tendulkar's country!?". He has lot of fans around the world for his batting skill. He has scored most runs ever in the cricketing history, most century scorer and highest individual run scorer in an ODI. In case of T20, he has proven his skills in some international matches. His actual T20 cricketing talent was exposed in the IPL T20 last edition. He sailed the Mumbai Indians team as a captain till the final probably with 100% win. Even though he was criticized as the bad captain, he showed his actual face as a good captain in that series.

    ICC 2010 T20 world cup:

    This world cup series had league matches, Super Eight level to be followed by the semi finals and finals. Each team was supposed to play in 3 league matches. In them India faced, Afkanistan and South Africa. The good news was, India didn't lose any of those matches and gave hope for the Indian cricket audience. But, soon after entering the Super eight, Indian team started sensing the absence of Sachin Tendulkar. Indian team struggled to open the innings against the first Super Eight match against Australia. In that match, Gambhir opened the bat with Murali Vijay who shined brighter in the IPL3. But he couldn't make his mark in the international cricket this time too (he has already been in the Indian cricket team and failed to shine well). If Sachin Tendulkar had been in that match and opened the bat with Gambhir, then he would have played his innings to score at least a fifty using his experience and he might have guided Gambhir not to play aggressively with the bowling attack of the Australian bowlers to get away from the batting crease.

    Note: Most of the Indian wickets were picked up by the Australian bowlers using the bouncers in that match.

    Lets move into the second blow Indian team faced in the Super eight round. This match happened between India and West Indies. In this match too the same thing happened, the openers didn't shine well and Indian team lost the match y 14 runs. That match needed a calculative innings from the Indian batsmen and they failed to do so. If Sachin Tendulkar had been in that match, he might have guided the batsmen to play well to taste the victory. If he had been the captain, he wouldn't have taken Ravindra Jadeja to bat to get singles when the team is with the thirst to get boundaries.

    The match against Sri lanka, the main subject in this topic would have become the hot topic in Sri lanka and not in India if Sachin had been in the team. If we have a look at the bowling side of the Sri lankan team, they don't have Murali dharan, Ajanta Mendis who are the main wicket takers of that side. But still they managed to demolish the Indian team for 167 runs in 20 overs even though we had taken 90 runs from the first 10 overs. In that 'do or die' situation match, Indian batsmen struggled to meet the ball with the bat in the final overs without changing the position and the foot work which are essential in the final overs. In the final overs, the way Dhoni and Y Pathan played showed their inexperience performance. If they had an experience player like Sachin tendulkar in the team, then his words would have been the biggest strength for them to play well in the final overs.

    Sachin Tendulkar has been the one man army of the Indian team in the 90's. The perfect example for this statement is, his performance in the Coco cola triangular series against Australia and Sri lanka. In a situation, India had to take 243 runs to qualify for the finals against the strongest Australian team in the 90's. Sachin Tendulkar scored 143 in that qualifying match and scored 133 runs in the finals to get India to hold the trophy in hand. Remember, none of the other players played well in those matches.

    A player with this kind of talents should have been taken in the squad and he should not be missed in the future. Even if he gets his retirement, he should be placed as the coach for the Indian team.

    R.Vannia Raja

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    Dear Friends!

    Sachin Tendulkar is the name of high quality player ever in the field of Cricket game. It has to be considered as a human not a run machine. What I think is whether the player is playing or not it has to be productive and for the benefit of whole nation.

    Sachin is also part of a proud game. He is also suffereing from number of aches and diseases which is known by the board.

    It's not at all the decision by the board of ICCA or either. If he is not playing in one game it doesn't mean that his career is lost or he never perform again.

    As an Indian we are thinking so rigidly and always makes the successful people our God and expecting like anything which is certainly not healthy sign for the proper development.

    It's just like losing the money in the share market at one strech. Players like Sachin and others needs to be preserved and polished so that they always show their best performance all the time.

    Sachin wish to play always a safe and secure game which is the secret of his success and we also know that he has the finest capacity to prove all the time.

    A team always seeks the guidance and practices like Mahesh do for us.

    Hence our Team needs a proper coach and support players like Sachin.
    After this automatically team will begin to perform.

    In absense of Sachin there are number of times where Indian Team performed very well.

    So there is no point to think negative, any way we need to build number of Sachin's in future.

    I think the all are agree with the final statement.

    More INFO >>>

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    Keep Discussing....

    "Success is jounery not destination!"
    "Sail the boat of Success!"

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    I find huge number of instances being cited by the members above which involve the Sachin effect. Well, I thought that why shall I stay behind in showering appreciation of his memorable knocks in the International Cricket...

    Here, I will be discussing upon his amazing batting in the '2003 World Cup' when he took India to the Finals. He was also the 'Golden Bat' Winner in the tournament, being the leading run scorer. He played some great innings against South Africa, England etc. and finally shared huge credit in taking India to the Finals. However, he couldn't help India in the Final match against Australia when he was out at 4 runs in Mcgrath's ball. But if you exclude that part, then Sachin was indeed stupendous in the rest of the game.

    Sachin's ultimate dream: Bringing India 2011 World Cup
    Sachin Tendulkar has been repeating this a number of times that may be the 2011 World Cup will be the final touch to his career. His ultimate desire is to acquire even the most reputed and of course the highest award in the World of Cricket, for his team once again. The start of the next year will await Sachin's blast and not only the Indians, but even all the Cricket fans will be glued to Television unless Sachin would leave the field. I pray, that Sachin's and of course the long time pending dream of all Indians come true!

  • #505
    Ultimate paradigm of fitness: Sachin Tendulkar

    Huh! 20 years of play, a little boy transforming into little master...And still having the same blow in his bat, and many a times even better. I was taken aback when I first heard that Sachin is in this game since he was 16, and probably I had fainted when the current year flashed in my mind...that was 2010! Sachin, hats off to you!

    Sachin in his vast career underwent quite a lesser surgeries in comparison to other players. It seems as if the bed repels him and he is always attracted towards the fascinating Cricket ground...His fitness is another thing to appreciate and inspire the new generation players. You see if you have a player in your team who knows to be cautious of his health also in order to continue his contribution for his country then it's of course going to be inspiring and encouraging to the other players. Sachin is the living proof for every hypothesis you can raise over your change in style of cricket. You want to see how to remain fit, check out Sachin's schedule! You want to know, how to adjust time for family and career simultaneously, just consult Sachin...You want to know how to sweat the bowler throughout the innings, have a glimpse of his bat's motion; you want to know how to be cool and calm even in the worst situations, see the times when Sachin brought Indian victory in the last over! And so many more and more such occasions…

    Sachin Tendulkar is no more a name; it's an adjective to be tagged before every other cricketer who tends to approach the heights Sachin could.


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    @ Varid: In your last 2 responses, please note that you are going off track. We are not discussing Sachin's biography & past exploits. You are requested to please stick to the main topic of the group discussion.

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    Hello Vandana Ma'am,

    I don't think that I awry from the topic of discussion in my last two responses. However, I apologise if I had been improper in my language to convey you my words. Here is what I meant by them. See, the first of the last two is a direct appreciation of Master Blaster. It adds another incident of Sachin's mind blowing knocks in International Cricket to a number of such ones mentioned by Mr. Shankar Ganesh. And obviously, a person's value can be explained by his performances only.

    Some what the same logic is behind my last response i.e. Sachin's fitness in his full 2 decade not out career is also apprecible. We find the current generation players hurting themselves after every series and may be unintentionally, but taking bed rest leaving their teams in danger...Yuvraj Singh, Zaheer Khan, Virendra Sehwag, Gautam Gmbhir, M S Dhoni and many other players can be cited in this regard. 'Fitness problems' are often brought into, as an unanswerable excuse in every defeat India faces and with the help of Sachin Tendulkar the matter can be resolved, isn't it?

    Furthermore to justify, I have another instance pinging in my mind. During a tri-series tournament, I don't exactly remember the name; Sachin Tendulkar advised Dravid not to play in the match as he had some apparent small injury. Dravid felt it wrong during that time but respecting his words he followed his advice. Later it was found that his injury was not mere a sprain but some thing more serious and had he played the game, it might have increased even more and he would have had to rest for about a month. So see how Sachin's presence is effective for Team India.


  • #511
    I agree with Varid's quoting of an instance of Dravid, it was true and it shows how Sachin is modest in expressing his views in a straight forward manner.

    For such mannerisms one need to learn from their younger age, while in Sachin's case he is aggressive on the field and off the field it is very difficult to find aggression in his attitude and this is the main reason he has respect across the cricket playing nations.

    Anybody might have observed for each and every difficult situations Sachin need to advice batsmen in the non-striker end, it will come only out of experience.

    He has developed such an passion and respect for the game as it has brought them fame and wealth consistently, where as for few players such fame and wealth is an temporary aspect and we can quote many examples to highlight such instances.

    Where as for surgery instances as quoted by one of our member, surgeries are frequent when a player is aggressive as a bower or as a fielder but Sachin will not fit in this category, hence we have seen not much fitness or surgery problems when he was young, and it is not so in case of Yuvraj and other players, but now Sachin is selective while playing certain tournaments.

    R Pramod

  • #512
    Oh ! that was wonderful example given by Mr Varid ,
    and if you are talk about surgery if you see Sachine Tendulkar is not playing for money or for to break the Records ,
    He play for his country I don't mean that other are not , but i mean to say mmmm ok just take an example of UV he is out of form n not fit for match,
    though he was in playing 11 why ?
    If he is responsible player then he needs to take rest till he is fit for the match,
    but if you talk about Sachine Tendulkar he was not played T20 because he knows that if he was not fit and cancel his name for T20 ,

    because he first think about the country and gives chance to other people.

    Sagar k.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    No doubt Sachin Tendulkar is the one of the greatest player India has produced.

    Its not that when Sachin Tendulkar is not in the team India losses match. Players other than Sachin are also talented

    But when other players share dressing room with Sachin its quite different environment.

    Deeptesh Sharma

    Deeptesh Sharma

  • #538
    As Varid mentioned, Sachin Tendulkar has fitness even after his longest career.

    The Indian cricket TEAM has really a collection of good players like Yuvraj singh,Dhoni etc., Even though they have a cool captain Dhoni, they need a person to advice them at the right situation and at the time of trouble. Of course, they have a coach for it. A student will obey the words of his friends more than the teacher says. Officials will obey the words of their colleagues more than their boss probably. In the same sense, if Sachin Tandulkar was in the team, that might have added more mental strength to the players to face the critical situations like happened in the last Super Eight match against Sri lanka.

    The above point has been proven by the latest interview with the Indian coach Gary Kirsten. He has stacked some complaints on the Indian players that, they didn't come for the practice most of the times and they had no proper medical fitness during the match. He has declared a list of the players who had improper fitness including Yuvraj singh. It clearly shows that, there should have been some cold war between the coach and the players of the team while playing this (2010) world T20. I am not going to stress that; the presence of Sachin Tendulkar would have changed the fate of Indian team with the World T20. But if he had been in the team, he would have given some words in the dressing room and he would have given some words from his experience to the young bowlers and the batsmen when he is in the crease.

    Moreover, if Sachin Tendulka had opened the bat instead of the debut openers, his presence in the crease in the non striker end would have been giving some confident to the player at the striker end and also the player waiting in the pavilion too.

    R.Vannia Raja

  • #541
    Well said by Mr. Ganesh that Sachin Tendulkar being an opener leaves no chance to correct the batsman accompanying him. Whether it be a young new player or an experienced one like him, he is able to mould them so as they can fit together comfortably on the field. And the other batsman accompanying him is thus very well able to co-ordinate with Sachin...with the least possibilities of Run Out.

    Another valid point raised by Mr. Ganesh is that there lies much better understandings and sync among the players than that between the players and the coach. So, if you have Sachin Tendulkar in the playing list of your team, then the diagnosing process and hence making corrections will be discussed within the Team itself and will not require concentrations in often boring lectures of Coach and Selectors.

    Sachin's absence in the team is a cause for the team's unwell performance is because team India is unable to be decisive often at the required moments, and the opportunity is easily seized by the opponent team. When even our Captain's tactics fail, we miss Sachin...and almost, in all the matches without Sachin, this effect can be easily recognized.

    Sachin also behaves sometimes as a Moderator of the team, or a 'coolant' one may say. To quote an instance in this regard, during a test series against Bangladesh, when Sehwag was handed over the Captaincy, he just said, may be in over confidence that Bangladesh was not a tough team to play against. He even said that a team like Bangladesh can never pick all twenty wickets of Indian team and something like that. Of course and as it can be expected, Sehwag's statement was not taken easily and this transformed into a burning topic. When the captain cool was asked about it, he replied that Sehwag shouldn't have said so and we should take all teams seriously and all negatives. Now, this had to bring a crack in the team. When Sachin was approached by the Media, he simply ignored the question and said, "Ask the one who has said so. Why are you unnecessarily troubling others? Do you want to fuel the burning issue or what?" This statement of Master Blaster could put a full stop on worthless discussion. Even Sehwag realized his mistake and apologised. Dhoni too probably understood the way to handle the Media persons, we very well know the intelligent guy behind all this...

  • #549
    Hi Friends,

    I am entering late in this topic. I have read all the thoughts of you regarding topic. I will say it's not due to Sachin that Indian team team depend on. We all know some day he is going to retire. About current T20 ICC men's world cup, i think even if Sachin could have played , he did not have make much difference.

    Fact is, we find there lack of passion for playing country in all the players excluding Sachin. And in those we find these passion they did not play for money or else if play then they accept they are tired and need some period to get fit like Sachin did.

    I read on one of the poster of Sachin's fan "When Sachin plays then even God is watching the match". I think it's not Sachin due to whom we lost in super eight of T20 World cup, it's out players fitness and passion. And about playing it's totally individual decision and i think Sachin took good decision of not playing in T20 world cup.

    Life is Beautiful

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    Hello Avi and other members,

    I have discussed the point that "Sachin won't accompany the Indian team forever" in my second response in this thread. That might be true in your opinion that Sachin's presence in the T-20 World Cup had not made any difference...and none of the above responses probably claim so. The instances they cite just help to assure a mind that Sachin being in the team increases the probablity of victory, and the cause has been well explained by the discussion members, isn't it? Morover, they have been successful in their attempt too, and why they shouldn't...they are telling about a person who has a huge bag of records with him in every corner of the world.

    One can't assert that, "Team India lost because there was no Sachin.", but of course it would be right to say that, "Had Sachin been in the Team, India might have returned with a trophy." And the latter statement can be utterred with much more confidence.


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    Hello Avi,

    I agree that Indian team does not depend on Sachine Tendulkar . They can play .
    But I mean to say that Sachine Tendulkar's presenc matters and if he play then well and good .
    Did you read that incident given by Mr. Varid, it was just an example of his experience .

    Even coach and selectors took his help for team selection.
    You are right that Sachine Tendulkar is going tobe retire one day but now he is a part of Indian Cricket Team and I provedly say that
    "He is a GOD of Cricket" he can do any thing with a ball and gets the test of victory and makes us proud.

    Sagar k.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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