Former Sri-Lankan Captain visited the Mahalaxmi Temple of Kolhapur on 28th October 2012.

Hello everyone,

Arjuna Ranatunga Cricket World Cup Champion of the year 1996 visited the auspicious place of Kolhapur – Mahalaxmi Temple. The temple is also known as the Ambabai (Mahalaxmi) Temple of Kolhapur.

Arjuna Ranatunga with his wife arrived in Sangli for some work and some one told them that there is a beautiful Mahalaxmi temple just 50 Kilometer and they can visit it no time. After hearing this, Wife of Arjuna Ranatunga said that they must visit the temple and Arjuna too agreed on this and they both headed towards Kolhapur. Prior to their journey begin they sent one person to tell the committee members of Mahalaxmi Temple to do the needful.

Interestingly that person came to the Mahalaxmi temple and gathered the official committee members and obviously some local people too waited for the former Sri-Lankan Captain, Arjuna Ranatunga at the entrance premises of Mahalaxmi temple. Half hour passed and they did not see Arjuna Ranatunga coming. Suddenly they found him coming out from the Temple and everyone rushed towards them to felicitate and then for a photo session.

In this way Ranatunga said that it was a pleasant journey for him in the city of Kolhapur.

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