Blockage of Water Supply in Kolhapur City on 26th and 27th August 2012.

Hello everyone,

The Kolhapur Municipal Corporation will be block water supply so as to repair the faults in the Shingnapur water treatment plant. Hence, on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th of August 2012 it will not provide water supply to Kolhapur City. The areas which come under A-Ward, B-Ward and E-ward will get affected primarily. Another repair work will be done in Salokhe Nagar area within the Kolhapur city. Now the E-Ward consists of areas like Kasba Bavda, Bhoslaewadi, Kadamwadi, Sadar Bazar, Mukta Sainik Wasahat, Bapat Camp, Jadhavwadi, Taemblaiwadi, Rajarampuri, Shivaji University, Salokhe Nagar, Aptaenagar, Survenagar, Jaragnar, Ramanandnagar, Raigad Colony, Shivaji Peth, Mangalwar Peth, Udhyamnagar, Shahu puri and many other areas in the Kolhapur city.

In this way it is a major blockage of water supply throughout the Kolhapur City and all the citizens will have to get water supply by means of Water Tanker and Kolhapur Municipal Corporation will be providing the assistance for it.

Have a nice day.