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    Why they are not verify my Google Adsense account ?

    I am new in and i need my Google Adsense account for revenue.
    now what to do ? and when they will be verified my account ?
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    Now a days, to get a fresh Google Adsense Account is being very difficult. allows you to create new adsense account using your profile of MHS.

    The eligibility to apply Google Adsense is:

    1] Members should have in Gold level.
    2] Members should post self written resources, qualitiful and tidy resources post.
    3] Dont be frustate if your first application will get reject by Google, you can apply as so many times after several days. But be sure that, your profile is fulfil with lots of applications, resources, business posts, and self written articles only. If your profile contains copied materials such as admission news, syllabus, and others data, your application of Google Adsense will be reject under "Unexpected site Contents" reason.

    4] Google always like to have unique and qualitiful resources, contents or data. They have their own policy, if we'll break it they will ban our site/profile. Remember - "Google is the God of All Websites" so respect their rules and see, how they will help us to increase our business/revenue.

    Sagar, you are a new member of MHS - I suggest you to be active regularaly by posting various articles/resources. Dont be hurry to get ALL SUCCESS in a singal shot. Understand the real things, rules and apply those to your behaviour, thinking and work. I am sure, if you will follow us, you will make a good source of income through online earnings! Just need full devotions and efforts.

    All the best.

    With regards,
    - Mahesh

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    Thank you mahesh sir,
    I'll take care of these all things.

    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Dear Sagar,

    1.First criteria to get google adsense account is your website or content here is older more than 6-7 month because in between those days the content are being available to search engine.

    2.As our webmaster said you should have posted good quality of content and must be more than gold level membership at MHS.

    3.Be active here and contribute more with self-written content with search engine friendly keywords so that it will be easily to find relevant keywords from your content ans thus your content will be first at search page.

    Best Regards,
    From Mr.Bhavesh,
    Editor at ISC,
    Webmaster - Gujartspider

    Quote"If you do not like the rules,Follow it & reach to the top & CHANGE THE RULE"

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    Google has now strict there approval process has number of click frauds are increasing.

    To be eligible for Adsense account your application must match there policy.

    Deeptesh Sharma

    Deeptesh Sharma

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