Akshay Kumar visits Sanskruti Pratishthan in Thane, Mumbai on the occasion of Dahi Handi.

Hello everyone,

Today, 10th August 2012 on the occasion of Dahi Handi Akshay Kumar was present at the Sanskruti Pratishthan. Here, he was very much excited and he raised a prize of Rs. 50,000 for the Dahi Handi of Women. He handed it over the girl child a cash prize. It was important to note that the women's dahi handi was about 7 staged and mens dahi handi was about 9 stages.

On this occasion, Akshay Kumar raised the hoarding of Stri Bhrun Haatyaa. The next thing was that Akshay Kumar talked in Marathi language and said that he broke a handi in the morning with his child and its height was very less. He encouraged every one with saying in Marathi that just take blessings of your parent's everyday and then proceed to your work.

The atmosphere was electrifying when Akshay Kumar was present at the Sanskruti Pratishthan in Thane, Mumbai.

Have a nice day.