Lanco power plant is not running smoothly.

Lanco initially was dealing in infrastructure.But now lanco have taken a step a forward in power generation.Last time when lanco had a public hearing on 17/09/2010. There were 5000 peoples were present at the time of public hearing and only 14 peoples were allowed to speak out about the environmental impact assessment.well after that the company was taken to the court in a public interest litigation filled by some peoples.And there they won the case.High court ordered the Maharashtra pollution control board to take the public hearing once again.
Now the date has been declared that is 20/06/2012.Those company officials tried to convinced the M.P.C.B. to take the public hearing in the rainy season so that a few peoples of majority would come to the public hearing,These were the rumors which are true.

Only 600 peoples will be working on the payroll of Lanco.And what we will get a lot of noise,air,& water pollution.
1320 MW Plant is having 40 crore money pending on the site of wardha.There financier Axis bank & Punjab national bank is not releasing the no liquidity of money so the traffic is jam,Lets hope good after the public hearing,For the peoples and for the company.