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    Dhoni was angry on the decision of Third Umpire.

    Today was the 7th One Day International Cricket Match between India and Australia in city of Brisbane, Australia. The thing that happened during the match was that Michael Hussey was being stumped behind the wicket on Suresh Raina' bowling. It was the 29th over and ground umpire Billy Bowden signaled it towards third Umpire.

    Now it was the mistake of third umpire who gave a decision that Michael Hussey is "OUT". Hence, Michael Hussey was walking towards the pavilion and soon after ground umpire ran after him to call him to play and said that the third umpire unknowingly displayed the decision as "OUT". At this point Dhoni was very angry over the ground umpire Billy Bowden.

    The third Umpire, Bruce Oxford, was feeling drowsy during the 29th over which was bowled by Suresh Raina. I just want to extend this topic if, in case, India was batting instead of fielding during the match. I think that they would not have changed their decision. Just recall how many times Sachin Tendulkar was being given OUT by the ground Umpires. At last, I would say, even technology could not eradicate flaws that could occur during the match. Hence, "To err is Human".
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    A no-ball decision that was revoked by square-leg umpire Bruce Oxenford drew an angry reaction from Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni, who walked into the playing arena to seek clarification from the two standing umpires during the tense finish to the game against Rajasthan Royals at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in . by Epicfollowers

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    After the match many CSK fans took to Twitter to vent their anger at the third umpire's decision even as some defended the dismissal. Again bad ... by

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