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    Maharashtra's tourism

    Maharashtra is enriched with its historical places and natural beauties but it is misused om a large scale. Citizens don't understand their duties towards nation and the government aslo doesn't takes any precautions everyone behaves according to their minds there are no rules banned on them. Leading to the decrease in states tourist income. Pollution of plastic bags writing on the walls of the historic buildings citizens have no fear of government rules beacuse no strict measures are taken against them if it goes on as it is on day the tourist income of Maharashtra will be zero. Maharashtra also has natural harbours and they must be preserved. The historic forts built by Shivaji maharaj needs preservation their care is the responsibility of government and all citizens. They must be properly observed from time to time and essential precautions must be taken. Along with forts other tourist places must also observed and they must be pollution free and proper guest arrangements must be done.
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    Maharashtra contains lots of tourism spots like Forts, beaches in Konkan, and other lots of attraction in.
    Maharashtra is the best for travel and tourism..

    Best of Luck

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    Hello Amol,

    The tourism facility in Maharashtra State needs a lot of improvement and proper planning. First of all every citizen of Maharashtra should follow general rules which are very simple. Only they have to do is keep the tourist spots as clean as possible. I know everyone will think that I haven't dropped any waste material so why should I pick up the material that is already decaying at those places. All the visitors should have a thinking of not to drop any sort of waste material like papers, empty water bottles or cold drink bottles.

    According to my observation; there are many local people who are a regular visitors and they do follow the rules of cleanliness. It is seen that the outstation visitors don't find the dustbins at those locations. Hence, many a times they don't even bother about dumping the waste material that they have. Therefore, my suggestion is that there must be installation of required amount of dustbins at every tourist location so that the outstation visitors don't drop the wastes here and there. If proper indications are displayed at all the tourist location; there will be no any difficulty to maintain clean and beautiful tourist spots all over Maharashtra State.

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    I strongly agree with all of your aobove opinions.
    Maharashtra has lot of growth oppurtinities with respect to tourism,but somewhere this is falling, may be due to irresponsible behaviour of citizes on maharashtra,no proper plnning from Governmant resources & lots of other factors as well.
    Maharashtra is enriched with lots of beautiful & untouched places, here i am attatching the the filw which will will give us the complete guideline about beautiful places whcih someone can enjoy .

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