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    Listen before celebrate

    Friends how did you celebrate this Makar Sankranti festival? Enjoy na. I realy celebrate yesterday.

    Have you tasted 'Tilgul'.I had been favourite of tilgul- combination of til & jaggery.

    One more thing is important in makar sankranti of course Kite flying.

    But friends do you know what happend yesterday? A flying little bird fell down from the sky.

    News about injured birds from manja is increasing. Birds are vanishing day to day.

    With above reference we all resolve to use glassless manja for Kite flying of starting new year.
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    Hello Sangharatna,

    Yes you have rightly spotted out that our celebration ultimately leads to a troublesome situation for birds. Today everyone holds a dream of using the best glass polished manja i.e. the string used to fly the kite in the sky which will easily cut out the others kite those are being held up at a highest level. During Makar Sankrant it is seen that many of the kites get cut in the competition and then that glass polished string gets struck around the trees and it leads to the injured birds. So our celebration comes in the way of birds and it is possible that we may see very few birds around our place of living.

    As of now we don't see much of sparrows around our house because of the Mobile radiations and to make it more uncomfortable for other species of birds we use highly glass polished strings to lift our kites high up in the sky. So, I would personally request everyone to check their surrounding trees and if they find any strings of kites please try to pull it so that it doesn't comes in the way of birds. All in all we must show our love towards birds who will be helpless if their trees are being messed up with such majaa's. Hence, try to destroy the manjaas that are struck around the trees because doing this will help you get the glimpse of beautiful birds around the trees and to the most around our house.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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    Thanks Pravin

    Basically I did write this post in detail. But due to disconnect internet I couldn't post successfully.

    Then I write it again in brief format so that it could be edit later.

    But before edit I found your feedback. You have written all, that was in my mind.

    Thanks again!

    With best regard

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    Hello Sangharatna,

    I feel sorry for you because I took all the words that you were about to write in your post. It happens most of the times that we type all our content and at the time of posting that content; our Internet connection gets restarted or disconnected. So I would suggest you to use your MS word office so that you can save all your writings and then just post whenever you login on Channel.

    Hence, keep writing and contribute everyday on the channel.

    Have a Nice Day.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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