Real guru of Shivaji : Rajmata Jijjau

Rajmata Jijjau born on 1598 AD in Sindkhed raja of Buldana district. She belongs to Yadava kingdom of Devagiri. Jijjau was grown up with good sense of political background in India.

Jijjau married with Shahaji raje a son of Maloji Bhosale who recieved jahagiri of Pune. She had given birth to two children Sambhaji and Shivaji.

It was the days when moghal invaders were spreading their empire throughout in India. On the other hand marathe(maharastrian) were never well organise. They faught with each other. Even many marathe sardar were in service at moghal kings.

In between Jijjau was upbringing of Shivaji. She tried to give best education to him. Which not only include millitant training but also moral lessions. Jijjau always thought that Shivaji has have his own people's power- Swarajya.

Shivaji always followed path of his mother and obtained all pinnacals of victory. Sant Tukaram is known as guru of Shivaji maharaj but that was inspiration of Jijjau by which he could be able to establish swarajya in maharastra.