Discuss: While riding a bike in winter season which type of handgloves will protect us from cold.

This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'While riding a bike in winter season which type of hand-gloves will protect us from cold.

I think, in winter season, four wheeler cars are best to drive because it protects us from the cold. On the other hand if there is a fog in the surrounding then it is difficult to drive because the four wheeler cars have higher power than that of the two wheeler bike. Hence, while driving a two wheeler it is very important to keep ourselves warm during the winter season. The leather hand-gloves and a leather jacket will be beneficial rather than the woolen sweater while riding a bike. Also it is necessary that the leather outfits have some woolen material from the inside of it.

In the above options of the poll, I would choose the last option. Also I would like to know which of the above mentioned option you will be choosing.