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    Don 2 Hindi Movie is all set to release on 23rd of Dec 2011.

    The Don 2 movie is a sequel of the Don picture released way back in 1978. Prior to the action-thriller Don 2, Farhan Akhtar successfully launched the Don 1 movie in the year 2006. In the year 2006 the action thriller movie was tagged as "Don: The Chase Begins Again". The Don 1 film was estimated at a budget of Rupees. 35/- crore's and it successfully collected a box office collection of 104.66 crore.

    On 23rd of Dec 2011, Don 2 is all set to release and this time it is being tagged as " Don 2: The King is Back". The location of shooting this movie includes India,Switzerland, Malaysia and Germany. The estimated budget of this film is about Rupees. 75/- crore's. The most important thing about this movie is that it is about to release in 3D as weel as in 2D formats.

    Hence, we all will get a very high quality of entertainment and I hope this time around it will be one of the biggest entertainer on box office and also an action thriller movie of the year 2011. So we are all set to cheer "Don 2: The King is Back".
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    Yes, looking forward to watch this movie. But I do not understand why are they releasing it in 3D? Is there so much action in this film? Any idea?

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    Hello Nitin,

    I think the film is released in 3D because of the "Ra ONE" movie. It is also said that this movie will be released worldwide and hence they might have implemented the 3D.Also there are a lot of Action Stunts which will be more effective in 3D and make the viewing experience full of thriller.

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    Hi Pravin,

    Have you seen this movie? How is it? I could not watch this movie due to time constraints.


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    Hello Nitin,

    I am in a same situation. Even I couldn't watch the movie. But reports aren't that good about Don 2. All in all it's an OK movie which has no any major impact as that it had in first part of Don produced by Farhan Akhtar. Some of my friends who watched this movie said that it is a good film but it would have been more better if there was something more masala added to this film.

    But I think that we should have our opinion on this film only when we watch it. At last everyone has their own opinion and so should we. Hence, I will post you after I watch the movie.

    With best regards,

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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