Inside the lungs of our boday parts

Hi friends today topic is inside the lungs we are know that lungs,And how lungs are work.In our body lungs is very important.In lungs contain blood vessel windpipe bronchi etc. Lung you provide to dirty air to frees air this is the work for lungs.

Your left lungs is slightly smaller than your right lungs, to leave space four your heart on the left side of your chest. Your lungs are stretchy and spongy because bubbles,they are made of millions of tiny pipes and air filled bubbles too small for the eye to see. When you breathe in and out,air travel up and down these tiny air passages where it is processed by your body.
Hi friend our today topic is inside the lungs each of our lungs is structured like a grate trees with many branches ending in tiny twigs.The bronchi the two main air ways bronching off the windpipe divide again and again to from ever small passages known as bronshioles.The small bronchiolies are narrower than hare. They lead to microscopic air sacs know as alveoli.
When you listen to your lungs.If you ask a friend to listen carefully they may be able to hear the sound that your lungs are making.
And another way to hear the sound when you go to the doctors use an one instrument this is called a stethoscope to make it easier to hear the sound to your lungs.
In case of small baby lungs develop before birth but it does not take its first breath of air when it born. Your lungs start breath to supply your body with oxygen.This process continues day in day out every minute of your life.
So this is our today topic.Topic name is inside the lungs.
Keep your lungs active.
When you exercise you take more air into your lungs to give your cells the extra oxygen they need.