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    In which of the cities in Maharashtra will you work for a Private Company Job?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'In which of the cities in Maharashtra will you work for a Private Company Job'?

    When it comes to a private company job, according to me, the cities like Mumbai and Pune are on top. The main reason to do a job in metro cities is that there are major options to travel with and also the house or room on rent is easily available.

    Hence, If I am offered to work for a private job, then I will first ask for that job in my hometown. If the position is outside my home city, then I will prefer metro cities like Pune or Mumbai. And if the job offer is not in the above mentioned cities, then I will consider the accomodation and travel facilities and then only accept the job offer.

    Hence, choose wisely.
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    If i get similar oppurtinity like pune in Nashik i would preffer to work in Nashik.,
    It again depends on individual to individual that things are important for his personal satisfaction & his personal growth.
    I understand, lifeis not only spending 5 days in office & 2 days in shopping mall,which is a common practice in metor cities like Mumbai,Pune etc...
    Life itself has much more meaning than this if one undersatnds.One can do lot of social activities ,rather than spending time in Multiplexes & Malls.
    In Metro cities there are lot of restriction you came across due to difference in thinking levels,& the materialistic things surrounding you.I have found in metro cities, people are not having bondings,
    affection towards each other, the reason being , the materialistic impact is too much on them & they never think on these things.
    So i believe less the materialistic impact on person, more the growth will happens in all terms.I do not say one cannot do this in metro cities like pune & mumbai, but there is lot of difference in metro cities & cities.
    I think if i get to work in small cities like Nashik, where the way people live the life is different than the metro people, i will have more scope to do somthing which will be somehow useful or helpful for the society.
    I personaly dont belive life is only about earning money & spending it for ourself only, we should use some part of it for the mankind & beterment of society.
    For me gowth is not only money, its the internl development that matters.Money is only a part of life ,however today life is a part of money.

    " Grow from in to out & not out to in "

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    Hello Raj,

    Your response to this discussion is very good. I just want to give you a simple tip to learn and develop your writing. For this just copy paste your above response in Microsoft Word file and then press F7 key. Instantly a pop up window will come out and tell you the corrections in the matter that you have already typed in.

    In this way it will be fully structured and also you will come to know you errors. After few days of above practice you will do less errors or probably no any error. I use the same method and at times the MS Word shows no any error.

    With best regards,

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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    thanks for the tip... :-)will make use of this..


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