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    Work from home - online or offline

    There are many ads availble on internet regarding work from home. I myself is interested in those jobs which could fetch good money sitting at home. I have registered under many websites, but no responses yet recieved.
    Can anybody suggest such jobs which are practically implemented. I really want to join one of them.
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    Hello Harsha
    I dont think you can ever earn with the intention you are here, because I am seeing you are posting huge number of copied contents at this site, which will be deleted in due course and continuously doing so, the same id will be banned and any amount you earned will be freezed. So try to post things related to Maharashtra and in your own words.

    Webmaster spider network

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    Hi Dr. Sanjeev

    It was very nice to know from you that you are reading my articles. Thank you for that.

    As far as your comments goes you say they are copied one.

    Look nobody is born with the knowledge. It is acquired through books, communication , newspapers, articles, research journals etc.

    In most cases it might be an inborn talent, may be many do not need to go to any school to study because they are born with the knowledge and they start from your home itself. ----which is impossible.

    As an assistant professor by profession we need to present papers in national and international conferences and also in research journals. I have posted my abstracts to MHS which are called by you as copied.

    When anybody posts an article, does that knowledge come from inside his brain or he has to refer certain materials. please let me know regarding it.

    Many of the articles I have written regarding the invitations I have recieved for paper presentations. So I have written it in my own words.

    On the basis of good thoughts I have expressed myself in many of my articles.

    Once I had written an resource regarding immunity during winter, so it was rejected reason being write on MHS, I found so many articles related to so many topics apart from Maharashtra. The one who edited the post of immunity suggested me to write this article somewhere on
    I am unable to understand that when we go to the resources section there are options that we need to click while selecting the subject of resource, one of the options like health, nutrition, etc. So I think these options should not be available for selection.

    See maharashtra does need any health tips, or nutrition. The people of maharashtra need it so could you help me regarding it.

    Yes it was true that I had registered myself in MHS so that I can earn working from home. Now also I am searching for jobs related to work from home. But I think that is totally my personal matter. If you want to help me for improving my performance, you are most welcome. I want to improve myself. I am not very versed with computers as well as internet. So yes I need help. I do not feel ashamed of asking for help.

    I have so many doubts, so many people are posting their articles relating to maggie, tea, buying of shoes, etc. do these articles very much belong to the state called maharashtra.

    It is my humble suggestion to you that instead of critisizing the members of MHS please try to help them in the way in improvement of their performance, try to motivate them rather than demotivating them. Being an editor it is one of your prime responsibility to give a helping hand to the upcoming writers rather than discouraging them.

    I really do not know what your intention was behind your comments but yes I do need help.

    If you can guide me please let me know.

    With regards

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    Dear Harsha,

    Writing things in your own words is very simple. Try to write article on you past experiences. Some examples are,
    1. My School Days
    2. My Favorite Teacher
    3. My 12th Birthday Celebration
    4. My Favorite Book / Author
    5. My Best Friend

    When you start writing, try to collect your memories and thoughts that can generate genuine article. Same thing you can do for already existing topics, Read it, analyse it and then write in your words. It may enhance your English writing, communication skills and it may help you in your whole life. Start practicing from today for better feature with Maharashtra Spider.

    With Best Regards,

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    Dear Harsha,

    When we submit abstracts or paper or poster in journal / conferences we will provide reference or citation to the statement we used from earlier work. But here in online publication media copied content will harm to whole website. Because search engines respect only for unique content and it means, it should not copied or not matched with available content as same.

    With Best Regards,

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    Hello Harsha,

    The Webmaster and Editor are simply telling you about the posting guidelines. So there is no any question of demotivating or criticizing your posted material. The portal is a revenue sharing site and it needs posts in the frame of guidelines put forward by the Webmaster and Admin of this site. Hence, the Intention of Webmaster and Editor is that the members should not post the material which will be exactly similar to the content that is already available on other websites.

    In this way you should think that there is no any intention behind telling you that you are not following the guidelines set forward by channel. Hence, I guess, you have got the issue. Therefore every member needs to follow the guidelines before posting any content on channel. After all if we all follow the guidelines it is going to be beneficial for each and every registered member on this revenue sharing site.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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    Earn from is easy....

    Just only posting more and earn more without copy-pasting...

    Best of Luck

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    Yes you are true Jerry. Writing is a good habit and Maharashtra Spider help you to improve your writing skills by contributing here. Wish you all the best for great starting.
    With Best Regards,

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    Hello Jerry Jackson,

    You are bang on the Target. I think you have got the point of how to work in channel. All you need to do is that you have to write each and every content in your own words. It must be originally yours.

    With Best Regards,

    Have a Nice Day.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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    Hello Ganesh,

    I have also register to the websites that you have mentioned here but I have not got paid yet from those websites. Please tell me if you have got any payments from those websites.

    I feel that the website really pays. My Google adsense account gets credited every day. So my experience says that only can get you money in the form of Google Adsense Revenue share and the Cash Credits.

    With best Regards,

    Have a Nice Day.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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    Hello Harsha,

    If you are looking out for good learning opporunities the net is the right place for a knowledgeable person like you.

    Being a professor, it is very easy for you to express the knowledge gained by other books or website in your own words effectively. When you teach students, the knowledge you gained through books and references is sorted out in your mind and then represented in your words in front of students in your words, so that they can grasp it quickly and easily. For example, if you teach physics, the inventions are not your, but you explain them in your words, isn't it?

    Same is the case with content writing for web. For example - You will find millions of article about "The importance of vitamins". But if you take the time to read it carefully, you will observe that each of the writer has his own opinions and style presented in the article. I hope you got the point of webmaster and editors.

    Also I would like you too note that is not a get rich scheme like other blundering websites. Keep posting authentic and relevent content with patience, upon getting Google Adsense account you will see the returns from this site pretty soon in terms of increasing Google adsense revenue in your account.

    Also, the suggestions for "posting the relevent content in relevent sister websites" is for your own good. You will get more targetted readers to your posts by posting in relevent websites.

    I hope you utilise suggestions from this thread in positive manner.

    Namita Terse

    Life is God's precious Gift...!!! Use it to the FULLEST.

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    Hi All,

    Some of the points what Harsha said like the section of health and nutrition , if editors could clarify it then it will be easy for members to think before posting and they will post relevant stuff. I mean there should be small guideline in every section about content of that section with example. That way we can avoid such type of incidents. Respected Editors , please correct or append anything in my suggestion.

    Harsha , MHS,ISC are not money making sites. It is the hard work of writing that will pay you. And about earning from online sites. From my past earning and experience only google adsense is genuine. You will have to learn all step by step. Keep patience and do progress. All the best.

    Life is Beautiful

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    Hello Avi,

    I totally agree with you that the Google adsense is a genuine way of earning online. But I would also like to mention that the MaharashtraSpider Channel has done a great job by providing a platform to get an adsense account. I would recommend for every graduate student to register on MaharashtraSpider channel.

    Hence, every student should contribute to MaharashtraSpider channel and get their adsense account. I have seen many of students who simply waste their time on social networking sites. Those social networking sites are earning a lot of revenue and every student gets nothing but pleasure out of the time spent such websites.

    Therefore, every student should work on Maharashtraspider Channel and start earning. I would like to thank the webmaster, web admin and editors for providing such a valuable platform where every minute spent is worth and in the end it pays us as well.

    Thanks a lot.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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    There are lots of ways to earn online but you need to do some research and spend time to gain knowledge.I know anyone is not borne with knowledge but copied content from anywhere on the internet will not earn money for you.There are lots of tools which tells that from where the content is copied so try be unique and original. You have to master some tricks to earn online.To see more earning opportunities and ways to earn online please give a look at following article:


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