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    Veena Mallik is coming back check this out

    Big Boss-Season 5 is on Air since 2'nd Oct'11 in full swing. Well, this is not the news to convey. Every guy around you knows about this big sizzling reality show.

    But the most gossiped foreigner female participant of Big Boss-4, Veena Mallik is back in the news. Have you got the information if she's planning for her 'Swayamver' in India? Oh my god !! One more swayamver-another real headache….

    After Big Boss-Season-4.Hardly any guy would wish to marry her.(You know the reason why !)

    We have faced Rakhi Sawant,Rahul Mahajan,seen Ratan Rajput's experience. Now can we withstand a Pakistani's show that too willing to marry in India with an Indian? This is going to be a real disaster in India in form of this reality show. Perhaps some crazy Entertainers can be entertained by any sort of show, that's not a point. But the famous(? !!!) female like her can marry in her dwelling country. Why she want to marry an Indian for this show & gather more crowd? It can be total attyachar on Veena Mallik's would be hubby and the viewers of this show. !!

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    Dear Varsha,

    Avoid using special characters in heading. Heading should be one complete meaningful sentence.

    With Best Regards,

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    The Editor,

    I did not use any special characters which is irrelevant to the topic. The dashes are used to connect other brief line. Even if this was not allowed in the headline the system should have rejected the same. So that writer can take care of it.

    I suggest: The arrangement should be made in the system itself to reject any characters which is not acceptable. This can avoid further misunderstanding.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hello Varsha,

    The Editor has mentioned that you should not use special characters. So it is for our benefit purpose only.

    The exact reason is that whenever anyone on the web does a search on google, at that time google search engine crawls/shows the websites on the web and then the results are displayed.

    So If you use special characters then the Google Search Engine will not crawl or show your topic at that search. Hence, your forum topic or any resource will be of "no any use".

    That is why Vilas Sir has reported you to not use special characters.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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    Hi Pravin,

    I understand the message you want to convey. But since I have mentioned in my previous reply as no irrelevant characters have been used in the heading for e.g. * or $ or # or @ .Its only dash (–-) marks are used in the heading to connect the other brief line. And even this mark is not allowed then system should have directly rejected it automatically. Or any message in that reference should have been displayed when I was posting my article. Then I would have been alert about the same.

    I repeat : The suggestion in my earlier reply should be seriously taken to avoid SUCH type of confusions.


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    Hello Varsha,

    If the system starts rejecting the articles posted by newly registered members then they will get disappointed. So there is no any system that can actually accept or reject the posts that are to be approved.

    The administrator, webmaster or the Editor's have been appointed to check about the posts which will be added to channel.

    Also the topics that we post here are needed to get the ranking of the at the highest level. So that is what we want the ranking of this channel to prosper and that will directly benefit to every registered member.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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    Hi Pravin,

    I guess you are not getting the point I am trying to explain. And deviating from the base line of the thought. I suggest read out my post again what I am trying to say.

    I did not say the system should directly reject the topics posted by members.

    1) But there should be some automated arrangements in the system if any objectionable special characters are used in the headline.
    2) At least any preventive message should be displayed on the screen if such characters are seen in the headline.

    I herby tried maximum to simplify my point. Lets hope at least now you will able to understand it neatly.


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