George Bush is in Mumbai.

The former president, George W Bush, of United States of America (US) is on a private meeting purpose in India. He arrived in Mumbai on 7th November 2011. It will be a three day visit of the former US president in Mumbai. Although his meeting purpose is being kept secret but some newspapers were keen enough to write about his arrival in India. George W Bush will return to US on Wednesday i.e. on 10th November 2011.

In the scheduled secret visit, George Bush was about to visit some locations in Mumbai. But it was not clear about which locations. Even these visits were kept secret. It might be the workload and time limitations that made them to keep the secret about their whereabouts here in India. As this is not the official visit of the former US president, there is no any relevant information about his journey in India.

Even if the former US president George Bush is on a secret visit to India, we all welcome him and cherish his presence in the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra state of India.