Discuss: Who has the high amount of stamina?

This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Who has the high amount of stamina?

In the above mentioned options I would select the last option where the sportsman gets involved at a level of dedication which propels him to excel because of consistent performance. Hence, it is also obvious that every sportsman exhibits his own interest and many of them excel in other forms of sports other than the sport that they love the most.

Also as compared to the above options, to me, the first two options looks competing with each other. As the Athlete does his hard work to run for hours every day, their stamina level cannot be ignored. Whereas the bicycle rider also holds his greater stamina level, his potential will be always at the Peak level. Bicycle rider does his exercise without any effort. Hence, once he is used to it, there is no any difficulty to go far across the distance.