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    Discuss: During the education period how many of you have used the bicycle for school and bike at t

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'During the education period how many of you have used the bicycle for school and bike at the college level.

    I would like to give every poll with a title line as follows:

    General Student:
    No I have used only Bicycle during my entire education time.

    Good Student:
    I have used both.

    Very Good Student:
    I did not use Bicycle but was lucky to get Bike during college time.

    Fuel Futuristic Student:
    I used a Electric Bicycle which is more efficient and doesn't requires a License.

    Sensible Student:
    I was not able to own any of them. I used Public Transport only.
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    First of all let me thank you personally for this thread. This made me go down to the memory lane. I would like to share my real life experience of my school days.

    I still remember……It was when I was in Class 7.I passed my terminals exams with higher marks and stood second in the class. No wonder my father was not real happy but ok with my rank. Well, I was not at all surprised for his reaction. The main target was coming forth.
    I was quite good in extra curricular activities and sports than in studies. Cycling was one my favorites of all. Not owning a good cycle was my major grief in those days.

    I could remember my father said NO to the bike for my eldest bro, since its highly risky. According to my father (but obviously) four wheeler is always a safe vehicle.

    So, coming back to the story, I insisted a good trendy cycle for me. My father said, look dear you got to earn your cycle with your own hard efforts. I asked him how? He explained-You stood second in the class in your terminals. I want you to stand First in your Finals. See if you can manage.

    The targets was quite simple according to me, as a girl who stood First in the class was suffering out of major sickness and was not reporting to the school. I thought yes, I can do this and get my cycle. This is easy and I don't have to work real hard on this.

    Twist was so funny and made me a lazy bone. The thought of sickness of my class friend made me weak to work honestly on my studies. And could you imagine what rank I had attended?
    I was full nervous and mourning when I came back with my report card after final exams.

    Every one at home was laughing as they knew about the condition to get my cycle. They could not stop teasing the whole year to see my rank 10'th in class. And yes, I never dare to ask for a cycle again.

    But I am happy for my eldest bro, he is so honest that he was neither having cycle in his school days nor bike in his college level but now he is a pride owner of a New brand Hoda city car.Which was the very first car in our small family.

    I truly believe what you posses should not be the gifted one but should always be the earned one.

    I realized my tenth rank in the class was quite soothing one for my father in those days otherwise he would had to gift me the cycle, which was risky gift for me. I am always thankful to my father and proud of my family.


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    Your school life experience is just awesome. I would like to tell you my own school experience too. I also asked my father to give me a bicycle during school. He said I will give it to you when you will go in the 8th standard. So I waited and got the brand new bicycle.

    But before that I learned to ride bicycle in 7th. And during the whole year I used to ask my friend to give me their bicycle. They were very happy to give me their new bicycle. But when I got my own bicycle; one of my friend asked me my new bicycle. I was certainly not ready to give him my new bicycle. So instantly that friend said come on I have given you my new bicycle to you when you just learned how to ride. Still I was not ready. Then further he said if I fell while riding your brand new bicycle you should never give it to me again. At this time I realized that I was not fair with my friends. But from the next day I never hesitated to give my bicycle to any of my friends.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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    Every human being has got their own sweet and sour memories. We should ALWAYS cherish and learn out of those memories. So that one day we are not left with emptiness.

    'Make your memories worthwhile……for your good company.'


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    Yes it is to be mentioned specifically that "we should learn" from our experiences that occur in our day-to-day life.
    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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