One must pay attention here and pls respond.

Hi Indians !

Its very proud to be Indian for the citizens of India.Every one speaks about curruption,wrong policies and practices.But do we really contribute to? Its not about the protest but about your rights and responsibilities.We know about our rights but do we insist for our responsibility too?

People enjoy the holiday observed on Voting day but why cant they vote? you can choose your leader if you vote him/her out and make the system change.Unless you initiate how do we expect the changed system?

Gandhiji said" Iss desh mai jo buraaie hai uski wajeh yeh nahi hai ki iss desh mai bure loag jyaada hai,balki buraaie iss vajeh se hai ki acchhe loag chup baithate hai."

So,in the same fashion if you still keep mum, nothing is going to change and then you dont expect any change to take place.Its time to wake up and make the change you wish to see !