In my last post I had given information about what Varicose Veins is. In this post you can

Today in this article you can find the Risk Factors,Signs & Symptoms,Treatment & prevention of Varicose Veins.

Risk Factors:

.Old Age
.Standing or sitting for long period of time
.Frequent Fliers
.Vein wall weakness

Signs & Symptoms:

*Aching or sore feet while resting
*Leg or foot sores that are slow to heal
*Burning or itchiness
*Skin color changes
*Weakness, numbness or heaviness
*Cold feet or feet that fall asleep
*Cramping due to muscle fatigue


The specific procedure or combination of procedures recommended is based upon the severity of the condition.
􀂾 Laser
Advanced ultrasound guided laser technique through a single puncture or an
􀂾 Conservative Treatment
prescribed to slow down the progression of varicose veins done for symptomatic relief.
􀂾 Sclerotherapy
Mild chemical solution is injected into the dysfunctional vein, which causes it to shrink and gradually disappear.
􀂾 Surgery

Prevention of varicose veins:

The following suggestions may be useful:
1)avoid standing still for long periods of time.

2)take regular exercise, such as walking.

3)maintain a healthy weight.

4)If you are going for a long drive, stop the car, get out, and stretch your legs every hour.

5)Similarly, when flying, get up and stretch your legs every half and hour to 45 minutes.

6)Don't wear tight clothing/ restricted clothing below waist level, as the veins would have to work harder to push blood upwards.

7)Wear properly fitted compression stockings to prevent further deterioration
of existing varicose veins.

8)Don't smoke.

9)Avoid excessive intake of alcohol.

After all every one knows :'PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.'!