It's an opportunity to introduce myself on this site.


Meet वर्षा, वर्षा भाटकर.A 'perfect मराठी'- yet not typical Marathi. Can be stated as,"मराठीपणाचा पुरेपूर गर्व बाळगणारी" …चला असो , that is not so special, coz every 'मराठी माणूस'out here is v proud to be मराठी...

Now let's move towards introduction since I am here to introduce myself. Music & Theatre is my passion. Cartoon networks are my time pass media. My Family & संस्कार are my assets. Enjoy nature photo shoots & painting. About reading…hmmm, I love comics almost anytime. Other wise I have left reading after my MBA degree. Currently enjoying e-reading. Many thanks to internet-specially GOOGLE!

Well, I was not at all a studious chap, just achieved degrees for the sake of family,You would wonder how & why! just Coz we have all professionals in our family. Can't help myself. I had to gain one out here.

Spontaneity & humor is what I am known for in my circle. A bit reserve and much jolly person.

The reason why I am here, since it was my inbuilt trait of writing skill, which brought me here eventually to satisfy the cause.Today 04/11/11 I joined this site while surfing something.I was quite happy to surf this site.The excitement made me a registered member of this site.Let me content myself here on this site. As I want to enjoy every post by me, which may be useful to the readers and members as well.And but ovbious I can learn something new.

आभार आणि शुभेच्छ्या !