Discuss: Which of following PARLE biscuits is your favourite?

This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Which of following PARLE biscuits is your favourite?

Considering the above mentioned options I feel that every biscuit product was at its best when it was launched. The glucose biscuits are still the favorites and many of the customers prefer to buy without asking for the other brand. The Parle products have made a significant mark on the customers mind. Whereas there is a wide range of Parle products to be selected from but I think there is no competition between its own ranges of various products.

As the glucose biscuits are famous amongst the above options, the cream biscuits are also on the list. The reason for this is low cost of cream biscuit. Compared to other brands of biscuits, the Parle products have embarked to conquer the customer needs. Also it is seen that the cream biscuits are much flavorsome and has a fragrance which attracts other members of family.

In this way the Parle biscuit products are at its best. They will be always on the customers buying list.