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    Discuss: How to save electricity? What do you have in your mind amongst the following options:

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'How to save electricity? What do you have in your mind amongst the following options:

    I would say that each of the option is worth being implemented. Hence, if you know what to do when there is a shortage of electricity it will be easier to get down your electricity bills. As soon as there is shortage of electricity; the electricity board tries to increase the rates so that people don't waste electricity.

    In this way I would suggest everyone to switch off all the electric devices which are on a Stand-By mode. The next thing to do is that you should never was electricity on ceiling fan and Air conditioner. Try to keep your room cool using the natural air. Next thing is don't watch Television without any reason. If you don't find anything interesting then you should switch off the TV. Therefore I would suggest watching news every now and then.

    I would like to know what other people think on the above mentioned poll.
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    Hello Pravin,

    Now days we are facing big problem of electricity. Today I read in newspaper, electricity bills are again raises by 41 paisa. If we want to save the electricity then follow the following methods:
    1. Off the Monitor of PC when it is not in use.
    2. Off the light we room is not use.

    Nikhil Bille,
    Diploma Holder(E&Tc)
    "Learning from experience is a faculty almost never practiced"

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    Yes Nikhil Sir we should do every bit to save electricity and our environment. Because if the hydroelectric power stations fail to supply the electricity, then they use coal to generate electricity. The electricity generated with the use of coal is called as thermal electricity.

    Hence, due to burning of coal there is increase in pollution and also it contributed to the "Global Warming". In this way if there is a shortage of electricity which is generated by Hydroelectric effect; then thermal energy generation is the only solution. We saw that the coal required to generate electricity in Maharashtra was imported from Hyderabad state and due to the issue of Telangana there was no supply of coal from the Hyderabad state.

    Another shortcoming of electricity generation is that the solar and wind turbine electricity generation methods are too costly to implement. People don't have that much money to invest so that they can fulfill their own electricity needs.

    Hence, we should save electricity at any cost.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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    Those who are in metropolitans cities are quite lucky coz hardly they face problem of major shut downs, tripping, black outs or electricity failure. The cases are very rare and the supply restores within couple of minutes or in an hour if its major break down. So, certainly as a responsible citizen it's our duty to save Water, Nature and Electricity. The scenario in remote areas is worse and unbelievable.

    Following are some majors which can help us save electricity:

    1)Washing machines should not be used in peak hours (in the evening time)
    2)Minimum usage of geyser since its high electricity consumption appliance.
    3)Setting your A.C @ 24 degrees.
    4)Take care while operating your refrigerator. Check the temperature.Set according to the season mentioned in the fridge.Door should not be kept open for long time.De-frost the machine if required.
    5)Switch of appliances in stand by mode.
    6)Using of florescent lamps.

    Thus we can help ourselves for our better future.


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    Yes varsha as you have given the simple steps of how can we save electricity.

    I would like to focus on water. Because in all major cities there are apartment buildings where electric motors are required to pump water at the top of their buildings where the water tanks are stored. The problem is that as soon as the electricity is back after cut off; all the electric water motors will be immediately "SWITCHED ON" because of automatic settings. So the major electricity power consumption is due to Water.

    Hence, everyone should save the Water too. Because for the people who are living in buildings; most of the electricity will be wasted if they waste too much water. If these people living in apartment buildings make use of water carefully a lot of electricity can be saved. Also every member living in apartment buildings should always think of saving electricity.

    Hence, if you have any such suggestions please keep on posting on this discussion topic.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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    Hi Pravin,

    Water is life, every one knows this. And it's difficult to survive without Nature, water & Electricity.
    Conserving resources = earning resources. So we all of us must take utmost care to save this resourses.As none of the above i.e. Nature, Water & Electricity can be replaced with anything ever. Minimal uses of such precious factors are the need of the time. And wastages of those can be difficult for the generations to come.

    As per your reply, In case of water conservation, I would say, tightly closed water tap should be ensured after every use. In case if we find any running tap, it should be closed immediately without further delay and thought.

    Coz every drop of water is priceless and important to everyone on this earth.!


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    I would like to tell everyone that they should switch off all the appliances after the power is being cut off. I have seen that usually we keep ON all the devices as and when our electricity is being cut OFF. It will help to minimize the power required to switch ON the electricity supply again.

    So if we keep our appliances ON till there is supply of electricity; then we will force an extra load so as to get the power supply again. Because to switch back the power again there is a need of high power if we all keep our devices in ON state after the power is being cut OFF.

    So it is advisable to switch off all the electric appliances as soon as there is a power failure. If, in case, the electricity board supplies high voltage supply; our electric appliances will be safer if and only if we switch them in OFF state as soon as there is power failure.

    "Don't Worry about Results, Its time to Perform every now and then" - Pravin Chavre.

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