Discuss: Watching Reality shows which consists of fighting between compititors where politics plays

This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Watching Reality shows which consists of fighting between competitors where politics plays a crucial role makes that show degraded. Which of the following options will you choose?'

Come on Members of maharashtraspider.com I am really worried because no one seems to be voting on the polls that I have created.

Come on. You all should vote.

Hence, at least let's discuss this issue so that we gain something valuable. Today every channel is coming forward with new ideas of attracting the youth by means of the various contests. So if we don't participate; we still watch it. My focus is to know whether you all agree that watching such shows is worth or not? Or is it a waste of time.

My opinion on the above poll is that such reality shows are providing a very bigger platform where the contestants have to just perform as best as they can. On the other part best performer will always win. OK that's not the important part. The main issue is that we the spectators too gain inspiration from such talented contestants and where we can always motivate our-self to give out the best efforts in every field of life.