Electricity load shading has been started in Kolhapur.

The Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEB) is facing its toughest times because they are unable to provide electricity of nearly 5000 Mega Watts. In the Kolhapur city the time of electricity that will be cut-off will between 4 hours to 7 hours. Whereas the Kolhapur rural area will be facing a load shading of electricity between 7 hours to a whooping 15 hours.

It is obvious that the state is under a serious condition where most household income is based on electricity. The rural people think that they are being under torture because they will have no electricity for about 15 hours whereas in city there will be only 4 to 7 hours of load shading.

Hence, people here in Kolhapur are fed up of such condition and are helpless and many of them have become violent and attacked the MSEB office workings. The meeting held by the state government minister have decided that they will provide no electricity for the industrial are once a week. Hence, the area like MIDC will have no electricity for one day in a week. So this is not enough and hence the team of ministers will go to Delhi to find the whether they can borrow some electricity from another state. Previously, the Karnataka state used to provide electricity to Maharashtra if require but now the condition is such that the Karnataka State Board of Electricity is also facing shortage of Electricity.

Hence, I will request all the people to use Electricity in a sensible way.