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    I am Anna Hajare ! Fight for corruption free India !

    Dear All,

    75 year old man is fighting for all Indian's better future. Our better future.

    Have you asked yourself, have you done your part for India? Please wake up. Its now or never situation.

    I don't say that everybody should go on streets, but at least make your voice count in some way. Raise your voice for "Corruption free India". It is a freedom fight, for better future for our self and for our next generation.
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    Namita you are right in all the ways.
    Really Anna Hajare is a legend. He is the man who have changed fought for peoples of India. he really done a very good job. He deserves his name should be taken after Mahatma Gandhi.
    Anna Hajare is todays Mahatma Gandhi.
    with best regards,
    Kiran Daware.

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    Dear Namita,

    Anna is the voice of common man and I am believe on Anna because I know he will doing right thing. As Anna said after breaking of fast "Right to reject" is next fight for improving election in India. Yes I proud to say "I am Anna".

    With Best Regards,

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    Thanks for your precious responses Kiran and Vilas.

    India needs not one but thousands of Anna Hajare to make India the best country in the world. We have enough natural resources to be a superpower, what we need is right direction and sincere people to work for the country. Not people who want to work to fill up their Swiss Bank accounts.

    Namita Terse

    Life is God's precious Gift...!!! Use it to the FULLEST.

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    Hello mam,

    Lastly People and Aana won the great victory over the Corruption.
    Now days, India going Great..

    Nikhil Bille,
    Diploma Holder(E&Tc)
    "Learning from experience is a faculty almost never practiced"

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