Discuss: Arts, Commerce or Science which stream is most interesting?

This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Arts, Commerce or Science which stream is most interesting?'.

In the modern era it has become the most important point to choose our basic educational stream.

Now a days most of the students are preferring medical and engineering field for this 12th in Science is preferred as basic. So the students are selecting Science stream as the basic for the Engineering and Medical. Though some of the students select arts, commerce also.

We have observed lots of changes in our educational field. Number of students are decreasing towards Arts and Commerce and increasing in Science stream.

It is essential that students must take education in Arts and Commerce also. There are lots of opportunities in Banking field for Commerce students, as well as graduated Arts students can also apply for Banking exams now a days. Arts education is also important in the M.P.S.C exams.

What do you think which is the most interesting field Arts, Commerce or Science.


Santosh Davari