History of Hockey in India

India is a country which is based on a very proud history. Strangely enough the country has a much better history than the present tense in several sectors of life. As far as hockey is concerned, India has always been among the top few teams. India has a very strong history in hockey. India had one of the most formidable teams that the world of hockey has ever seen. Players like Dyanchand were considered as magicians of the game. The hockey team of India of that era was said to be way ahead of any other hockey team in the world. They were ultimate masters of the game. India did manage to hold the top spot for a very long time. Every single team in the world was afraid to face the mighty Indian hockey team. It is not for nothing that the hockey history of India is still considered as one of the most glorious histories that the world has to offer.

There are several tournaments that India had won and the fact that till mesmerizes people is the duration for which India managed to hold the number one spot. The trickery with the hockey stick, along with extreme dribbling skills was the major strong point of the former Indian hockey players. The pace was brilliant, so was the judgment of turn.

The players of the golden era of Indian hockey were extreme masters of the game. It is still said that those players had magnet in their hockey stick which ensured that the ball stays close to their stick. They are idols who are followed not only in India but in all parts of the world.

The present scenario of Indian hockey is not as sweet as it used to be. However, the pride of the past is still very much present in the hearts of every single Indian. It is a major satisfaction that players of all teams still consider India to be the pilgrim of hockey. Hockey was extremely popular in the earlier days. There were numerous supporters who used to flood to the stadiums to see the greats of the game play. It is still said that those greats were more artists than players. Every single movement had something special which made the ticket price of every single supporter worth.

The players were the main reason for making hockey such a popular game. It can also be said, that the glorious hockey history of India is the major reason for making the game so very popular all over the world. The hockey history of India is an extremely glorious one. There was a time, when people in India used to go mad about the game. The main reason for this was the presence of some great legends of the game in Indian colors. The historical base of India in terms of hockey is a very strong one, and it has not only made the hockey sector proud, but the entire country proud in several different ways