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    Discuss: Has Hinglish become your favourite spoken language?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Has Hinglish become your favourite spoken language?'.

    Hello Friends,

    This weird mix of Hindi and English is what many adults and teens use today.We in our day to day life often mix these languages and we are not aware of it. I am sure you also must have come across sentences like, "Tell me na" or "My friends are pakowing me!" or "Your Bheja is so dheela" or "Don't do Bahana".

    Tell me any funniest Hinglish combination you've heard till date or said.

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    Friends we use many combinations of Hindi and English. This turns the language good to hear as well as easy for communication.

    Hindi is our national language, so we use many words while communicating in English.

    Some of the Hinglish sentences are,

    1. Are you in the office- No re I'm not in the office.
    2. Chal bye, take care.
    3. Where are you- Arre yaar we are in the train.

    In India, languages changes State by State, the words used while speaking English also changes. They combine their local language in English as we seen the words changed the Hindi and English combination to Hinglish.

    Santosh Davari.

    " Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. "

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    Hi friends,

    Hinglish is not my favorite language. But Hinglish is being used by everyone now a days.

    We are so used to mix up Hindi+English or Marathi+English that we speak that way unconscious of what we are speaking.

    Even some times living in metro cities, we mix Hindi and Marathi while speaking. Like "Bhaiya bhaaji do" if we speak pure hindi we should say "Sabji" or "Tarkari" and not Bhaaji.

    I remember one joke out of this mix language. I called up my neighbour lady and she said "2 minutes ha bhabhi, sonu ko ek last ghaas khilake aati hu". She is trying to say "Niwaala khilake" but instead of that she said "Ghaas" in marathi which means "गवत"


    Namita Terse

    Life is God's precious Gift...!!! Use it to the FULLEST.

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    Language has evolve with the masses using it in unanimous acceptable term to describe or understand.

    Nowadays, Hinglish has been accepted in Mumbai or any other metropolitan city as a common acceptable language which blends the cosmopolitan nature of the city with hindi, marathi, gujarathi and other prevalent languages of the people of the region.

    Since it is not a language in itself, it destroys the originality of the language and sometimes one becomes a joke as describe by Namita in the previous response.

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    Hi Tasneem,

    We can see and come across through many such incidents. The mixing of two languages are commonly used –(many places). The highest degree of usage is mostly occurs in college campus and among teens. School boys are no more excluded. The most famous are : Darofy & Karofy.

    The mixing is raised to the level as one can go for the individual dictionary of this mixture language.

    The appropriate English language is either used in corporate offices, in Seminars, by faculties in Schools /colleges, in News ect.

    So, its depends on one whether he/she should adopt this funny mixture or not.


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