Wisdom - knowledge from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Q: What is the significance of the story of poison getting stuck in Shivji's throat?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It has a deep meaning. Poison spreads with speech. Mind gets agitated with speech. All riots happen because of harsh words and lack of right knowledge. Shivji is also called neelkanth – which signifies when Mahadev drinks poison, it doesn't reach his whole body. When there is fight between right and wrong thoughts, a poison is generated. Shiva tattva has power to hold on to that poison. Even if you have to criticize, do it from your lips and not your heart. When you do it from your heart, it harms you. When it is from the level of lips, somebody is benefitted in the society. You cannot have flowery speech all the time. That would be cheating yourself and others also. You have to show mirror to people. But that should not be from the level of the heart. Even if Shiva gets angry, that is not from inside. Same peace is there inside. It is like kids getting angry with their mother. In no time they retain their smile. This is innocence. It is the grownups who hold on to fights for long time.

Q: What is significance of Shiva's trishul?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Holding trishul signifies that Shiva is above three states – awake, dream and sleep. But who takes all these along with.

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