Chillar Party Movie Review (1 Reviews)

Chillar Party is one such Movie that will take us down Memory lane. School and College life is considered as one such part in a human beings life which everyone is cherishing for. What is special for the incidence happened in school life? This is one question that will always strike back in the memories of people when they go back to their olden days. Chillar party makes us think and tell us the sheer innocence makes childhood days special for everyone. The movie is a very small film with a big heart and it makes us realize that Children' s are more matured than adult species. This would have mad e Salman to Produce the Movie without waiting for a second.

Every Human Being will have their own Character traits which will add as positive or negative. T he movie got a wide opening with the introduction scene of Kids. The plot of the movie revolves around group of school going kids and their friend ship with a boy who cleans the cars in their locality. In the beginning the kid s use to mock this guy. Irfan Khan acts as the street guy in the movie. He will be always accompanied by his stray dog Bhidu. Irfan and Bhidu later become very close with this kids and their friendship will turn in to such extend that to safeguard the commitment of friend ship this kids face a very tough situation from the colony for reacting against throwing Bhidu from the colony . Will this Chillar party be successful to make their plans work out in the society which is completely surrounded by the adult species.