Maharashtra Festivals

The Maharashtrians are a vibrant, earthy people for whom life itself is a celebration. Small wonder then that all festivals in Maharashtra are celebrated with abundant fervor. These times provide a unique opportunity to absorb Maharashtrian culture, with all its colorful customs, rituals and traditions. The song, music and dance that accompany almost every festive occasion add joy and excitement to the lives of the people from every walk of life.

These festivals attract world-renowned artistes - musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors, weavers - who come together to pay tribute to Maharashtra's rich culture and legacy.

The Maharashtrians are a hearty, festive people. The love for celebration is deeply ingrained in their culture and it finds expression through the various occasions on the Maharashtrian calendar. There is festivity all round the year and people cherish the good times with music, dance and delectable food.

The Most Important festivals are :

Ellora Festival

Nag Panchami
Narali Pournima
Gokul Ashtmi
Ganesh Chaturthi
Gudhi Padwa
Makar Sankranti
Modern Festivals
Pune Festival
Banganga Festival
Elephanta Festival
Kalidas Festival at Nagpur