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    Discuss: There is no other option for English, in the world.

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'There is no other option for English, in the world.'

    Friends, now a days we see that peoples are mostly communicating in English. English is the only language which is used worldwide for communication.

    Marketting, call centers are the main sectors were we need well communicaton. Along with this in Mumbai, Pune and other cities English is used as main language for communication.

    English is the only language which is used for communicating with the tourists, visitors. So if you want to became tourist guide communication in English is must.
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    Dear Santosh,

    Using and spreading our own language is good, and everyone should do that. As we all respect our mother we should also respect and love our Mother Tongue.

    But it does not mean that we should not appreciate other good language.

    We are using English in call centers because the clients in call centers are mostly from countries like US, UK, Australia. If we wont serve them nice, some other country may serve them (China, Japan). What will be result of this? India will loose millions of job openings and profits from call center.

    If you don't use English in guiding tourists, same will happen with the tourists. India will loose on the huge revenue generated in tourism.

    I don't understand why people waste their time and energy on arguing on language. Language is just the medium to express your thinking.

    We should focus on developing our country to that level, so that we will go on a world tour and the western people will say : "या तुमचे स्वागत आहे !"

    Namita Terse

    Life is God's precious Gift...!!! Use it to the FULLEST.

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