"Today's Submission" a section must be added to MHS.

Web masters and Editors,

MaharashtraSpider is the best site to get information about Maharashtra and also to the share information about Maharahstra. The members participation is increasing day by day, this is best thing about MHS.

As there many section on the main page, it is somewhat confusing for new members and also for old members to view all the submissions which are shared by the members. Sections like resources, forums, Business Directory are so vast that we cant surf all the sub sections given under this main sections like resources and forums.

I have a suggestion, there must be section named as "Today's submission".
This section must contain sub sections like Today's Resources, Today's Forum. This will give the better idea about the contribution that is given everyday by the members.

Hope this point will be considered in discussion soon by the webmasters.

Santosh Davari.