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    Please do not copy-paste the Forum Message / Resource response

    Dear Friend,

    I am sorry to inform about some people are just copy-pasting Forum Answers/Resource Responses one below another.

    You can see such example in the following posts :

    If you do not have anything to respond you can just say "good article" or "Nice resource".

    Just for gaining points some people copy paste others response and accumulate points.

    I request webmaster/editors that they should not give any points to such copy-cats. Today they are coping responses , slowly they will start copying resources too.

    I think at least some action is necessary.
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    Hi Namita Terse,

    You are right few members are spamming at Maharashtra Spider. Dear friends its very difficult to maintain standard of any website. Spamming, copying content are the reasons that reputed website also harmed. This also increase the work of Editors and Webmasters.

    For that issues we are very strict and banned a account of spamming member. Keep our Maharashtra Spider nit and clean.

    With Best Regards,

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    You have pointed out the best query.

    I have also observed such copy pasting contents in many articles in MHS. But the problem is, points are also given for such responses. This must be restricted by Webmasters and such responses must be deleted or the points given to this responses must be in minus. So that the members attempting such copy pasting method can be controlled.

    There must be restriction on such members, if they continue such copy pasting their account must be deleted from MHS.

    Santosh Davari.

    " Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. "

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    In article'Is turning into vegetarian need of hour' of Rahul kumar

    1) Bhushan Sonar copied Vilas sir and got 3 points.

    2) Kashinath Phulari copied Santosh Davari and earn 5 points.

    In article 'What is smile'? of Trupti Gulhane

    1) Swati Sarole copied Trupti Gulhane and earn 1 point.

    These are few , there may be many.

    This makes new comer and existing members irritate, it is wrong to copy and paste and get high points. There should be cut off of direct 25 points to curb the wrong things being applied by members.

    Otherwise qualified and genuine members will not write in Maharashtra Spider.

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    Hi leena,

    I totally agree with you.

    Minus points system should start for copy-paste posts. Otherwise people will never stop doing so.

    I wonder why there is no copy paste in this discussion?

    lol :)

    Namita Terse

    Life is God's precious Gift...!!! Use it to the FULLEST.

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    You are right Namita, This is not the right way to earn points n I know webmaster and editors will take some serious action on this because this spamming will harm MHS rating.
    Sagar Kakde.

    "The road to SUCCESS
    is always under construction"

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    Hoping the day arrives soon where points are cut or any relevant action is taken.

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    Dear Members,

    Don't worried we are working on this issue. Thanks for all of your awareness and keeping Maharashtra Spider clean.

    With Best Regards,

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    Thank you Vilas. We always expect the best from editors and webmasters.
    Namita Terse

    Life is God's precious Gift...!!! Use it to the FULLEST.

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    Dera editors and webmaster,

    the story continues

    Namita Terse

    Life is God's precious Gift...!!! Use it to the FULLEST.

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    The issue is raised by Namita ji is obviously appreciable, because most of the user doing copy paste in resources, we all know that there is no place for copy paste material over to the other sites, our best editors and webmaster track that copy paste material and delete that. So there is no need to do copy paste from other sources. Be original and make your own image.

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    I have just gone through the review of the movie De dhakka. (It was one of the fine Marathi movies, I liked it a lot.) I was surprised to see the replies of other members except Namita. The replies are ditto copy of the review .What's the use of such copy materials? -- which is not the original one. The members, who are doing so, are not only guilty but also spoiling their own impression on this site.

    I would suggest the webmaster:
    1) such copy material should not be published /display
    2) Certain points should be deducted from the account of such

    This will help to keep the site clean and free from spamming.

    Any such act should be brought to the notice of the editor /webmaster.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hello Varsha,

    Thanks for joining this discussion.

    This copy paste matter is getting very serious, and because of that genuine writers are also discouraged.

    But I would advice you not to get bothered with this copy paste. Continue to contribute your best in the resources and you will develop your own fan following soon. Your writing skills will sure reflect in the Google Adsense Revenues.

    Namita Terse

    Life is God's precious Gift...!!! Use it to the FULLEST.

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    Yes, due to copy paste of some members ,genuine members don't feel to write.

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    Dear Varsha, Namita, Hemant and Leena,

    Maharashtra Spider is genuine website and our aim is very clear to provide helpful information to community. We had solved the problem of copy paste and we strictly taking action against them. I am always here to solve your problem and guidance. Don't feel any hesitation if you have any complications about the site.

    I welcome you all to contribute in Resources section of Maharashtra Spider.

    With Best Regards,

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    Hello Namita,

    Thanks for the comment and encouragement. I would surely contribute to this MHS informative site as per my caliber. Some negative things certainly affect the good thing some how to an extent.But the intension of sharing information and knowledge should be on fair part.

    Thanks to Hemant, Leena and the Editor for their support.

    I feel, 'The good work should move on and rock its way'!!


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