Cycle Kick Movie Review

Cycle Kick Movie Review In the clamorous clutter of releases this week, Cycle Kick stands out for being the least fashionable/trendy and the most original. Yes, it has its flaws - it is excessively syrupy in places and often amateurish in parts. But the sum-total of the components adds up to a heartwarming take on coming-of-age in the back of the beyond. In fact, the qualities of mawkishness and over-simplification only add to the film's simplicity of purpose and transparency of presentation. Debutant director Shashi Sudigada transports us into the world of the young in a sleepy scenic seaside town. Unlike the hip boys and girls in some other recent young-is-fun films where the students seem to belong to Archies comic books rather than real life, the protagonists in Cycle Kick crave for the simple pleasures of life. That one glimpse of the girl from the window, that stolen hug with your adorable little sibling (there are two such moments squeezed into the baggy narration), and a ride on the bicycle through the dusty lanes. The bicycle acquires a strange life of its own. It's almost like the hero beyond the human. In its... more Cycle Kick review »