Discuss: 20-20 or One-day which is the best form of cricket?

This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic '20-20 or One-day which is the best form of cricket?'.
Now a days,Cricket have changed its look, in the brand look new look of 20-20 viewers are forgetting the best forms like test and one-day matches.
20-20 is the game of excitement and also of limited timing which serves best for busy schedule peoples.
One day match tournaments now a days are moving aside due to 20-20.It is also the favorite form of all time in cricket,but takes one day due to which it seems that One-day will be removed from the game of cricket.
Test matches are the matches in which you need stamina as well as consistency.
But it is the five day game and it is very difficult for the match lovers to continue the match for all five days.
Because of all this reasons,20-20 will be the new look and form that will carry on the cricket for long time.