Bbuddah HOga Tera Baap become the next Don

SRK has already created the impact of Don in the fans mind, now that BIG B is ready to rock in Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap has lot of chances to become the prospective don of Bollywood tomorrow.

Speaking to Patcy N in a recent interview Amitabh Bachan was talking about the songs that he sang in his upcoming Bollywood film Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap and the dailogue writing and about his future projects in the television sets.

BIG B proudly said that they have made meldley of his old songs and it all happened by accident. BIG B & Vishal Shekar was on a concert tour in New York some two years back and they were at a restaurant where the music was played which BIG B liked a lot. BIg B asked hte manager if he can get the music copied on a disc, and BIG B came back to his room and enjoyed playing the music again and again, then he started singing Khaike Paan Bana Raswala to this rhythm and beat and decided to play this at a concert. Vishal & BIG B hired a studio and recorded the re-mix within 15 minutes and when they played it at the concert it was a huge success and as they came back they completely forgot about it.

When Puri Jagannadh director of Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap was discussing with BIG B about the type of music he wants, he told him what they did at the New York concert and played him the song informally. He was very happy to listening to the track.

They went back to the studio and made a special song 'Go Meera Go'

Then they did a theme song 'BBuddah Hoga Teera Baap' in a capella style which was done by Vishal where every sound that you hear is from the singing voice

The third song is Haal-E-Dil a soft melody cannning BIG B and Hemaji in the lead and this happens to be BIG B`s favorite song.

Amitabh further said that he doesn`t know singing at all and doesnt even know to play any instruments