Points to remember before you participate in this disuccsion:

Hi Friends,

I am agree with all of you but I would like to add something that as I read all the thought of all readers I got one thing that we all are blaming to the govt directly or indirectly we do not thing another side of the coin. May be govt try to aware to the countrymen that we are misusing the non-renewable source of energy. Hike of oil price is indicate us that if we do not leave the misusing of non renewable source of energy we have to pay cost for that. Every time we criticize to the govt whether it is related to the economic problem or political problem of our country we always blame to the govt. But we do not think about our responsibility. When we goes for college we always try to use our vehicle we do not use the bus service which is provided by college administration. In the traffic signals, most of us can't shut the engine of the bike. Because we are in harry.

So, I would like to tell you that we have to consider about these problem. We can take the initiate and try to reduce the cost of high price of petrol. 60% population of India are youth and at least we can think about misusing of petrol. At least we can travel in govt service buses. We can go college or anywhere else in govt buses.

If we are not able to take the initiate we can not criticize the government.