EXERCISE and YOGA are good for health

Exercises are physical activities that u can do in order to stay healthy and become stronger,such as running, cycling or lifting weights.An exercise is also a particular movement that you repeat many times to make a part of your body stronger.
Regular exercise makes you feel a lot healthier.To do sports and swim is also an exercise which stay you healthy and stronger.Yoga is a part of exercise which is really good for health and it helps you to relax.There are few simple exercises which helps you to stay healthy and stronger are

CYCLING: It is extremely good for your heart and lungs.

PUSH-UP: It is an exercise that makes your arms and chest stronger.For this you just have to lie on your stomach and you have to use your arms to push your body up.

RUNNING: It is the simplest exercise you can do which helps you in making your body healthy.

SIT-UP: It is an exercise that makes your stomach muscles stronger. for this you have to lie on your back and use your stomach muscles to lift your head and shoulders off the floor.

STRETCH: It is making a slow movement that straightens a part of your body so that it is at its full length.

YOGA: It is a type of exercise in which you slowly moves your body into different positions to improve its condition and to relax your mind.